Our Projects

We’ve been able to address barriers to women’s prosperity and build social assets for women’s economic participation which is critical for inclusive poverty reduction in Nigeria.


Domestic & Sexual Survivors

We help women especially those from underserved communities and survivors of domestic and sexual violence. There are more than 300 cases of domestic violence reported in Lagos, Nigeria every month. 98% of the victims of these violence are women, with 100women we provide a pathway for jobs, careers and business ventures for women. 100women also create a place where survivors of domestic and sexual violence heal past the trauma and learn to thrive in the society by learning skills. SME100Africa partnered with the Lagos State Domestic and sexual violence response team and has already trained 100 female survivors of domestic and sexual violence in Lagos. We create a place where survivors of domestic and sexual violence heal past the trauma and learn to thrive in the society by learning skills. We plan to train hundreds of more survivors of domestic and sexual violence.

Digital Skills for Women in Africa

We train women on Digital skills in the inner cities of Nigeria teaching women how they can utilize technology to interact with the world around them thereby reducing the high rate of digital illiteracy in Nigeria amongst women. Recently we partnered with google in Nigeria to train hundreds of women in Nigeria and we plan to train hundreds more. Digital appreciation and the capacity to use the internet for commerce has been identified as a major driver of female entrepreneurship in Nigeria. We work with women across several social strata to learn digital skills; access the internet and use the internet for such ends as education, commerce and networking across cultures and geographical locations.

Programming and Entrepreneurial Training in Nigeria

We train young school girls on the essence of starting early, we also teach them programming and coding classes. Secondary schools hold most of Nigeria’s female population. Reaching this critical population with skills in self-care, assertiveness, entrepreneurship and employability is one of our most successful intervention programs.

Trade Fairs and Capacity Development for Women in Nigeria

We organize trade fairs and training sessions for women to give them opportunities for access to the market. A number of women who sell goods in local communities only have access to their local markets to sell. Our goal with this program is to expand their potential customer base beyond those immediately accessible to them which will in return help generate revenue for them.


We offer mentorship for women. We create a platform where young female entrepreneurs have structured conversations with more established female entrepreneurs. Conversations are driven around the subjects of business, family, work life balance, social empowerment and encouraging greater participation of women in political and social issues within Nigeria.

Access to Finance & Financial Literacy

We provide micro loans for female small business owners in Africa to startup and expand their businesses. Many of the beneficiaries of the micro loan schemes usually go through a series of training to help them better utilize the loans. We also help to drive financial literacy in Africa by providing training, personal consultations and media sensitization.