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Matching colours together to complete or compliment an outfit can be a thrilling experience, but it can also be a disaster if these colours are paired wrongly! It is considered a fashion crime to “colour-block” bright shades of colours together, you could be jailed for it! Winks

Here are some colours you should never combine with yellow! Literally…

1 GOLD: Okay why in fashion’s good name will you combine gold with yellow! As an accessory, jewellery or outfit, gold should never be combined with yellow. It practically bounces off too daunting!

2 PURPLE: Can you paint a mental picture of yellow matched with purple? Makes you cringe right! Purple isn’t so nice when combined with yellow. If anything at all, it should be avoided!

3 PINK: Ever heard of “walk of shame?” right here is a roadmap to fashion meltdown! Pink and yellow? Kindly scrap it out of your outfit calendar!

4 GREEN: Green is a unique colour promising growth, strength and viability but when combined with yellow- it’s a first class ticket to fashion destruction! Don’t get caught wearing these two colours!

Disagree to agree?? Drop a comment and let us know your thoughts!

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