100women Quarterly Financial Review: Top 5 SME Banks In Nigeria To Look Out For in 2021

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The pandemic crippled multiple businesses worldwide who are now looking to rebuild and get back to where they once were, here are our top 5 banks who have proven to be SME friendly and have developed services specifically to business growth and development:

1. FCMB: First City Monument bank LTD is a banking group that has a range of services as well as their SME banking to the public. They have various platforms one of which includes giving business owners access to finance, resources, tools and a business plan to help develop and grow their business.

2. BRASS: Brass Banking provides a smart and timely commercial-grade banking service that avail SMEs with quite a number of premium services. They help local businesses with their finances, inventory and banking on their platform. Some distinct and exclusive features they have includes;

  • Access to non-collateral loans for your business
  • Zero cost of transaction for your corporate account
  • A banking service for their users with no hidden charges
  • Creating and opening an account within 10 minutes flawlessly
  • An analytic dashboard made ready to track cash-flow
  • management and payment analysis plus there’s the virtual or physical card you get to have that enables you have the access to control your usage with setting your daily limits
  • Temporarily freeze your card and deactivate it all by yourself, should you sense any compromise
  • No monthly account maintenance fees

To get on the Brass banking platform, visit https://bit.ly/3gLKUwH

3. ZENITH: Zenith bank offers SMEs some advantages including the access to choose the package that works best for them. Some of these packages include basic, premium and an-ultra account to have their business on, each with its own features and plan. They also offer electronic banking to SMEs and access to loans to aid the growth of their business.

4. Eco: Eco bank has a list of SME business growth plans suitable for entrepreneurs. Some of these plans have been tailored to suit SMEs such as the business management capacity support, affordable banking products and services and access to credit facilities that are low-interest as well as flexible collateral requirements. They also offer loans to SMEs for their businesses.

5. GTBANK: GT Bank offers business support SMEs to help their business scale up. They offer different business accounts for entrepreneurs to choose from the plan which is most suited to their needs and comfort and an easy e-business services to make payment and transactions stress-free. They also offer loans and advances for SMEs to finance their growth.

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