Conquering the Phobia of Public Speaking.

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Ever heard of stage fright ? Here’s what you should know!

Almost everyone has  experienced  the sudden urge to run  or hide when in the midst of quite a  number of people but while some can control it, others may seem to go through series of therapies to help. Glossophobia, also known as fear of public speaking is more psychological than emotional. It is often triggered when one is in the presence of more than two to three people. The intense urge to cower, blank out or run out of the room often overwhelms the affected person hence leading to sweating ranging from mild to profuse, trembling and stuttering.

It is often termed as a social phobia or social anxiety disorder. They often get worse over time when neglected and can really affect your personal life and ability to function with others properly. It is most natural to experience the fight-or-flight response when in the position to give a speech or a presentation and when in fear, the brain often releases adrenaline and steroids which in turn causes the blood sugar levels and heart rate to rise rapidly. Common signs of glossophobia includes trembling, sweating, dizziness, rapid heartbeat and even nausea and vomiting.

Conquering Glossophobia.

While the fight-of-flight might be quite adequate when faced with danger or fear, it is not appropriate in a meeting room or conference. Glossophobia is often triggered by the intense fear of being judged, under -appreciated or ridiculed when opinion is given on a related matter, mostly people who have these have been in circumstances that did not go down well hence it reduced their level of coordination with public speaking which eventually  developed into glossophobia over time.

Most people are able to overcome Glossophobia with cognitive behavioral therapy and sessions to make them comfortable with verbally expressing themselves. Often times, medications are prescribed by a medical health practitioner to lessen anxiety or rapid heart rates when in public.

known ways  to overcome Glossophobia in public.

1. Practice public speaking often: Public speaking comes naturally when it has been practiced repeatedly over time. The flow and organization of your speech is more accurate when planned, try to practice the required speech or presentation with a family member or friends. Practicing in front of a mirror with yourself also come in handy as this helps to structure your behavior with delivering your speech.

2. Confidence will go a long way: The act of calmness comes with a level of positivity within yourself, before presentation take deep breaths and speak words of affirmation to yourself to help ease your nerves, rerun the speech lines within yourself to ensure you don’t leave anything out lastly you can listen to a calm music to relax your thoughts.

3 Focus on the task at hand: Rather than let your thoughts be divided by paying too much attention to your audience give room for your mind and thoughts be on the task being delivered. This will help you concentrate more and not miss out any lines. An important tip here is to engage your audience with questions to make your presentation an active one.

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