5 ways to Style a Vintage Scarf

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Hi queen, we are pretty sure you must have been seeing vintage scarfs a lot lately. The fun fact here, these silky and soft wraps are most definitely here to stay! Even more fun, there are a dozen ways you can style this beauty to perfection!

Vintage scarfs all vary from designs, length and colors but the one thing they all have in common is that they’re actually the most diverse medieval scarfs with their unique gorgeous prints and comfortable nature. They can be used in a ton of ways including headpieces, accessories and outfits!

Here are some unique elegant ways you can style your vintage;

1 As a headband.

While this is easy to use, gosh it is flawless! It compliments your outfit with both chic and bossy vibes. To style this, simply roll your vintage in four then wrap around your head while securing it tightly at the back. Don’t forget to leave some hair rolling down your back. Finish it off with a bright- stud earrings, trust us- people will stop to stare twice!

2 As a hair bun.

Putting your hair up with a messy bun just got even classier! Wrapping your bun with a vintage scarf and complimenting it with round hoops and sunglasses is a drop-dead gorgeous move!

3 Around your neck.

Have you actually considered wearing an off-shoulder attire then wrapping a vintage scarf around your neck while making one end drop down your collar bone? Done salivating that outfit yet- go for it!

4 Around your head.

The beauty of this is rocking it alongside a sunshade! Gently wrap your vintage scarf around your head while securing it under your chin, don’t forget to leave out some frontals. Go on and step into that spotlight!

5 As a crop top.

Here is a very golden hack! Turning your vintage scarfs into crop tops is so elegant it can literally be rocked with anything. Lay out your vintage scarf, tie it in the middle and pull down the two edges, take it round your back and secure it tightly. Yeah I know you can feel the vibes too!

Until next time on our series queens. You rock!

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