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Your overall hair health should be taken quite as seriously as your physical and mental health too! While your diet, weather, stress and hair care are potential factors in the growth and volume of your hair, there are some known tips to maintaining that crown to perfection with zero hassle. Here are some,

1. Take better and adequate proteins.

Proteins are known for quite a number of healthy benefits to the body and overall growth and development and fortunately, your hair isn’t left out either! Taking a balanced diet enriched with protein can stimulate your hair growth and maintain its luster.

2. Zinc helps too!

Essential elements are required by the body in desired quantities. Zinc has quite the reputable record for helping to repair the hair and stimulating hair growth rapidly, they also play a major role in preventing hair loss. Improve your healthy diet with lots of vegetables, nuts and cashew.

3. Omega deserves a place on your plate!

Are you particular about your hair density? Then omega is your avengers guide to that! Eating lots of cereals, sardines, salmon and yoghurt helps to improve your hair density and also reduce drastic hair loss.

4. Know your hair type!

This here is quite essential for choosing the right products for your hair. Every hair varies with density, porosity and volume. Choosing the wrong products for your hair can lead to a number of damages hence why it is quite important to know your hair type.

Washing the hair shouldn’t be done twice a day unless your hair contains some treatments to be washed off. An important tip here is to make corn-rows at least every week. This style helps you to track your hair growth and length. Do not forget to get hair bonnets for your hair to reduce hair exposure to moisture and dust from around you. They also help to keep hair in a good condition.


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