5 Important Tips to Identifying Your Target Audience as an Entrepreneur.

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Having a marketing strategy at hand is just the first step towards a successful brand positioning. The basic foundation is to highlight your target audience and the niche they are. Your target is simply the “who” “where” and “why” set of people you intend to offer your goods/services to. Here are some known steps towards identifying them.

1. What value does your business offer?

This basically asks, what are the solutions your business has to offer? Understanding your business is key when it comes to defining it value. How can your business make the lives of people better? Why should they really pay attention to you and give you their money in exchange for the value you offer? These questions are a roadmap towards identifying your values.

2. Who need these solutions the most?

The next step is to identify the set of people that needs your goods/services. What gap does your business fill up for them? In what ways can they apply it into their routine and personal lives? Will patronizing you relieve them of their stress or challenges in respect to what you sell?

3. Highlight their general demographics.

Right here is where you define their gender, age, location and job descriptions. Identifying all these is a clear roadmap to offering your services to them better. Do not forget to put in place ease of access to them and how you can best be available at their fingertips.

4. What channels are they most frequently on?

These step is important in your marketing and online presence, after identifying their demographics, the next thing to do is zero out where their interest and time is at the peak. What other resources do they use when they are not on that channel? How best can you use that channel to an advantage in your marketing? These questions will help you define what it is your audience search for on those channels.

5. What precise benefits do they get from your product/ service?

Quick questions here, if they don’t buy from you, where else will they go? Why should they really buy from you and not from there? What do they stand the chance to get from you that they wouldn’t get over there? What unique differentiators do you have? Understanding these questions is understand how best to put out your service out there to compel people to buy from you.

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