Top Fashion Trends 2021

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2021 is another year we face with the COVID-19 pandemic and although most social venues require you keeping distance and still respect curfews, fashion has not SLOWED DOWN one bit! Here are some of the newly adopted fashion looks of this year.

Mini Bags

Mini bags have made the biggest comeback from the 70’s and are not going away anytime soon, this bag looks chic with any and every attire! It’s said to be for essentials only, so if you plan on carrying anything besides your mask, phone and a lip-gloss then this bag isn’t for you.

Free Dress

These are basically the new norm; free dresses are a casual choice of clothing that is also comfortable and easy to style with any accessory. They can be paired with a mini bag and either heels, sandals or palm slippers and are ideal for a lunch date, a mini tip with friends or a loved one, family gathering, a picnic and any other outdoor activity.

Oversized Printed Shirts

This trend with big oversized (preferably XXL or XXXL) T-shirts which are either plain coloured or have prints on them has been around for A WHILE. These shirts can be styled with denim pants, skirts and even shorts, a pair of sunglasses and either a fanny pack slung over your shoulders or a mini bag on your arm. This casual shirt goes with heels or sneakers and can be worn almost everywhere when paired well with accessories. To get this look right a small part of the material has to be tucked into your choice of bottoms leaving the rest of it hanging slightly on the other side and the back.

Petite Top

This trend involves wearing a small top or blouse with denim skirts or pants that are either skinny/mum jeans; it is a stylish, causal and chic look all in one and can be accessories slightly with a cute hand bag, a necklace and some dropping earrings. From a day out with the girls, a mall trip, a movie date or lunch with your partner, there is nowhere this top can’t go. You can also style it with a big corporate office shirt; wear the shirt first and put on the petite top to get a 90’s layered look.

Mom Jeans

These jeans have become such a fashion statement, they are comfortable and can be paired with any kind of top and shirt, be it tight or baggy. They are extremely low maintenance, usually jean and can be paired with sandals/heels, a cute chain and any kind of bag. Almost 1 in 10 persons is wearing mom jeans, they are easily identified by the low waist and straight leg look. They can be worn for any casual and semi-casual outing.

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