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Inspiring advice from top business owners that can help your entrepreneurial journey

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Your entrepreneurial journey can be a rollercoaster, you need to keep your inspiration high up to make you relevant, read books from individuals you admire, watch them closely, and ensure you keep getting better. here are some quotes from top successful entrepreneurs in Africa

Njeri Rionge

“Taking an idea that’s on paper or in your head and moving it forward into real, tangible action is the true spirit of entrepreneurship

isabel dos santos

Leverage your pre-existing talents and knowledge. If you’re going into a field that you know or have past experience with then you have a competitive edge. I believe that goals are achieved when ambition is combined with skill and determination. Be willing to assess yourself and determine exactly what it is that you’re capable of doing best. If you have weaknesses in certain areas, develop them into strengths.’

Folurunsho Alakija

I did not start from here. I started on a small scale. When I was working for someone else, I spent my weekend buying and selling. I sold jewelry. I sold scarves, My husband was also doing some buying and selling. Yet, he is a lawyer.

Hajia Bola Shagaya

A nation needs a flame work for cooperate initiatives and investment to ensure greater participation economic growth


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