The best app for editing your pictures on android and Apple phones

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Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom is one of the best apps for professional photographers as it’s the only photography app that can allow viewing, editing, and organizing a large number of images.

The editing app has a built-in camera feature that can take photos in RAW through your smartphone where you can edit the exposure, aperture, and use other manual features. The app also has filters for adding various effects that can be applied with one tap to edit pictures. The premium version of this app has more advanced features like healing brush, selective adjustments, cloud storage, RAW image editing of DSLR photos, and more. This photo editing app by Adobe gives you advanced features such as curves through which you can make fine adjustments to the color, exposure, tone, and contrast.


If you’re an iPhone user, you probably heard Camera+. Or maybe, you’re currently using it now and addicted to it.

It isn’t surprising as Camera+ is one of the best photography apps for the iPhone and has impressive features and capabilities: 

  • Camera+ is intended to help users shoot like pros. This app is equipped with touch exposure, easy controls, a stabilizer to ensure steady shooting, gridlines for composition, and more.
  • Aside from the usual editing tools (e.g. crop, borders, and captioning), Camera+ offers advanced tools, like tone adjustment tool, red-eye remover, vignette, straightening, and white balance.
  • You can share all the photos you captured and edited on Facebook, Twitter, and Flickr.

The only downside of Camera+ is it’s only available for IOS smartphones.
Price: iPhone: $2.99 and Ipad: $4.99
Download Camera+ for IOS

Google Snap seed

Snapseed is a professional photo editing app developed by Google. If you’re looking for a Photoshop-like photography app, then Snapseed is the app to download. This app is known for its ability to edit RAW images as well. As smartphones now are capable of shooting RAW images, editing them properly in a good editing app is also essential. Though it doesn’t have all of Photoshop’s features and functionalities, most of its controls and process of editing are closely alike. 

Some of the outstanding features of Snapseed are healing brush, structure, HDR, perspective, etc. Another feature in this free photo editing app is the function to save your style (presets); which you can use in other photos. Photo effects and filters can be precisely edited; giving more control to users to get the result they want. Snapseed is one of the widely used free photo apps.

If you’re into content creation and need to upgrade your visuals, these apps are what you need to try out.

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