Trendy cornrows you can check out this week

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No doubt cornrows have effortlessly won the heart of many Nigeria women, with the appealing and classy look the hairstyle exudes, it has gained the attention of women globally irrespective of race or country, every woman want to rock the look

we have gone to source cornrow styles you might want to try out this week

The tiny cornrows weaved up to the center is for you if you find restyling hair a big task and generally don’t just know how to, or you just don’t have the time to. this might take a while to fix depending on how fast your stylist is. Don’t make this style if your edges are not full. pick any color that suits you and enjoy your new hairdo as long as you can maintain it.

Another weave up to the center hairdo, this time more scanty. now, this is for ladies that cant seat too long in the saloon, its fast and requires more maintenance because of the brushes that can easily get rough if not properly gelled. if you’re rocking a natural hair, I will suggest you let this pass and check the next one.

Cornrows are special! you just can be as creative with them as you can. if you don’t mind spicing up your hair game with some cowries isn’t a bad idea, try not to add too much and fix them in the right places.

Now, this is an all to the back weave, no stress! and very fast. this particular one has a bit of more work because of the partings between the weaves. you can decide to let it go if you want to but going for the parting will be awesome

Your braid game isn’t perfect without long and full braided hair, mixing colors is really A thing right now and you can’t afford to let this sly. Ensure to pick colors that suit your skin and enjoy all the attention that comes with it.

In conclusion, your hair game is a big deal, let nobody tell you opposite . let us know the style you settled for this week.


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