Post Covid-19 career growth; How to remain relevant in your industry

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Coved- 19 no doubt has become the highlight of 2020, with its effect spanning across different industries negatively, the obvious fact is that the pandemic is gradually fizzling out, and most businesses are getting worried as to how to fall back into the system after a stop in operations for months.

The truth about maintaining relevance in this new normal would be easily accomplished with the few tips below

Develop High Technical Skills

The high rate of virtual meetings, webinars, online courses, and even online interviews requires you to develop high technical skills.

The use of Zoom, Slack, and other digital communications platforms has greatly increased. The report shows that Zoom’s daily users have skyrocketed to more than 200 million in March from a previous maximum total of 10 million. Now that’s something

you see that , now imagine not developing your digital skills in this era , that’s of course not too good for your business performance

Know Whats working for Your Competitors

You certainly have competitors. Are any of them more successful than you? This may sound irrelevant but it’s a good way to expand your business, knowing what works for your competitors can help you discover answers to your question and of course scale your business.

you don’t have to do exactly what they do but would help you have an insight as to what’s new and how to be different.

Never be afraid to stand on the shoulders of giants. If somebody else has developed a strategy that has led to success, there is no reason why you cannot mimic that strategy and be successful yourself.

Specialize in Your Area, Not Everything

Don’t try to be a jack-of-all-trades, while becoming a master of none. Instead, focus on what you’re good at and what people identify your business for. This is not the season to launch a totally different product except its a necessary item thet you know is needed at this time.

In conclusion, this is a difficult time for business but it can only get better if you ready to the take bull by the horn, Take to the few tips highlighted and continue to improve on your personal branding as business owner.

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