5 easy ways to boost your self-confidence

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No one is born with limitless self-confidence. If someone seems to have incredible self-confidence, it’s because he or she has worked on building it for years. Self-confidence is something that you learn to build up because the challenging world of business, and life in general, can deflate it.

Dress well

Have you noticed you are more confident when you look good, smell good? you generally feel good when your appearance isnt shabby, working on your look comes with a lot of pecks , first you impress yourself then you extend it others

Being well dressed is wearing what you feel comfortable in regards colors, sizes and designs, ensuring you appear neat and classy as it compliment the occasion.

However, your charisma would only pass an impression of how confident you are in yourself which then determines the respect you get from people. Walking into a place with your chin up and shoulder high is not ego, it means you have a clear understanding of who you are. how do you help your charisma exude confidence? one of the determinants of this id your appearance, remember you feel good when you look good.

Appreciate yourself

Seeing how far you have come, outlining the positives in your life rather than mounting on the negativity helps you appreciate who you are, and all that surrounds your being. it eases the pressure of trying to get better and develop contentment.

This has nothing to do with overestimating yourself , its basically appreciating the facts and the simplest efforts you have taken, realizing you are in place where a lot of people are still struggling to get to.

moreover, this feeling of appreciation help you see the best in yourself and of course makes you happier and exudes confidence

Focus on your strength and accept your imperfections

there are many things you can do, but they are few things you are extremely good at, rather than beating yourself and punching you esteem based on the things you’re not good at you can improve on your strength,

moreover, accept your imperfections knowing that we are all flawed, no one has it all put together. when you begin to focus on your strength, the feedback will impress you and exude more confidence

Learn new skills you’re interested in

Another easy way to increase your self confidence is by your expanding your knowledge. knowledge they say is power, you kind of becomes happier when you have little experience in a topic of discussion.

you can educate your your mind by increasing your level of exposure , exploring your interest, travelling, trying out new meals, new games, making new friends . As you begin to explore different interest, you become a better person with a new level of confidence

Filter your circle of friends

your circle matter on his journey, who you spent most of your time with will either fasten or reduce your progress. you cant have friend who are negative , or always ready to talk you down, this might not be intentional on there side but the fact is they can compliment your current spot. you have to let them go or you put your confidence in line

In conclusion, having a great confidence is not a day job, its a journey and time it takes differ, trust your own process and continue to work on getting better at all times. Always stay away from people and habit that challenges this process. Good luck as you enjoy your new level of confidence

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