Are you a Mompreneur? Ask your self these questions

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What am I grateful for

One of the most important tasks for a Mompreneur to do daily is to focus on gratitude.  Our brains are computers and we want to set our programs up for success.  When we live in gratitude, we scan the world for positivity which allows our minds to set into a state of abundance rather than scarcity.  A really easy way to make this happen is to do it right when you wake up. You don’t even need to get out of bed.  Simply ask yourself: what are 3 things I am grateful for today?  The items do not have to be big or monumental; sometimes it is the simple things that are best to reflect on.  Today I am grateful for the beautiful weather outside, wakening up to kisses from my dog and feeling strong and energized for my workout.  (oh and coffee….always coffee…).  Living from gratitude sets the stage for the who day.  A simple tip with a huge impact.  What are your 3 things today?

What am I doing for self-care?

As working women and moms we give a lot to others and that is perfectly ok.  Lets just not forget to give to ourselves.  We have all heard the message that if you are on a plane you need to put your own oxygen mask on first, and it is true.  You cannot serve others at the highest level if you do not take care of yourself first.  Self-care IS NOT selfish.  Just like the gratitude practice, this doesn’t have to be hard or complex.  Certainly, you can go to the gym and bust out a class or an hour on the elliptical, but you can also take the dog for a walk, play with your kids at the park, spend 15 min reading a book, listen to some of your favorite music.  The key is taking care of you.  You can give so much more when your soul and energy levels are filled up.

Is my day set up for MY success?

Before you begin your day, check over your schedule and make sure you have time carved out for the right things.  Many times we try to cram it all in with not real direction or purpose; take a moment to make sure you have your schedule together ( with time set for breaks) and time blocked for key tasks.  I tip I use is to identify my BIG 3; I love to create to-do lists, but often find I cannot get it all done and then feel bad.  What I do now is ask myself: based on all I have going on today, what are the Top 3 things that MUST get done?  I identify those items, time block for them and then get them done.  Often I find I can even get more done because now I have a plan and structure, but even if all I get done are these 3 key items – that is 15 items a week and that is pretty awesome.  Note your BIG 3 can be anything, business or personal.  They are the items that MUST get done.  Sometimes it can be client calls and reports, other times it may be going to the grocery store or dry cleaner.  It is the top 3 things YOU need to focus on in your day.

Was my day a success.  Just like we have a gratitude practice in the morning, I like to bookend my days with gratitude.  In the evening I focus on and have gratitude for the good things that happened that day.  For most, we crawl into bed with feeling of failure for not accomplishing everything on our to-do list, and we forget about the good things that DID happen.  As I close out my day, I ask myself 3 questions:

Did I show love today?

Did I inspire today?

Did I contribute positively to the world today?

If I can answer YES to those three questions, my day was a success.  I the end, it is not about getting all the check boxes checked, its about making impact, connecting with others and doing ( not everything) the right things.  Think about what a successful day looks like for you and aim for that daily.  Every day has success in it.

Mompreneurs have a lot going on.  Work with purpose and make sure to have a plan that not only focuses on your business, but also makes time for you.


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