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My name is Amarachukwu Nwokokoro! I am a 21-year-old content creator, student and founder of
IRUKA. This organization was established on December 16, 2018, under the terms of the non-profit
corporations law, to promote Africa, network, and encourage the enhancement of Africa. I have a passion
to change and transform Africa, to ensure that my people are secured. This passion led to the development
of IRUKA, which is a platform I am determined to use to create the Africa I want to see. IRUKA (true-
Kah) means “ The future is great/bright ” in the beautiful West African language Igbo. Iruka is a
platform building an empire of African Youth to change Africa. Africa will change, but it starts with us.
As Africans, we are talented and innovative people and through arts, education, entrepreneurship and so
many other means we can bring the change we all dream of. In the past two years IRUKA has done
several projects and givebacks such as our IRUKA Big Give Back(s), I’m Aka Project, The Homeschool Projects, Food for the child, and several more. Iruka is Africans who are not afraid to speak
up against injustice and against the wrongdoings of our leaders. We are a youth that beliefs in our
countries will change and want it to start from us! We will shake our continent no matter what it takes.
We are uplifting Africans, Inspiring the youth & motivating the passionate.

  • Agriculture – Emmanuel Ohanwe –

At the intersection of entrepreneurship, technology, and human capital lies my passion for Africa. was birthed after a survey I carried out in Sokale village Abuja which revealed that rural farmers birth more kids so they can have more farm laborers. 3 in 5 children weren’t in school. We presented tech to them and they promised a ‘buy-in’ if it is affordable and produce more yield. We were in touch with Israeli Volcani International Partnerships for the agrotech demo launch before COVID struck. At the advent of COVID, we pivoted owing to the changing needs of over 3000 farmers in our network. They were on the verge of recording the highest post-harvest loss due to market friction caused by the pandemic. We built a model that connects farm produce to manufacturers, food processing firms, and end consumers. Focused on Rice, sesame seed, soybean, ginger, hibiscus. We are operating in Abuja, Kano, and Kaduna. As the Business Intelligence Developer, I direct the innovation around our service offering, Newmarket frontiers, and industry analysis. From our projections, we should be launching our investment model between the first to the second quarter of 2021.

In my journey delivering value, I have been a proponent of lifelong learning. I am certified by Harvard on Entrepreneurship in Emerging Economies, an Alumnus of The Next Economy 2019 sponsored by the Dutch Government, Dangote Business School 2020, Venture Capitalists 4 Africa 2018, SozoNetworks 2020 sponsored by the US government. Hold a Bachelor’s degree from the Federal University of Petroleum Resources.

Agriculture Category – Kenneth Obayuwana – KrixtoBax limited

Kenneth Obayuwana is a creative thinker, thought leader, business strategist, and dynamic professional speaker with practical ways to help people become a better version of themselves.

He passionately seeks the mental awakening and values reorientation of young people.

He is the executive director of Positive Impact Africa, an ideal development and performance enhancement organization with a mission to raise youth who will stand to make a difference and produce a positive result in all their endeavors and with the mandate to maximize the potentials of youth and utilize it for them.

He is the MD, KrixtoBax Limited an agro process company, Producer of Baxto Dried Catfish and Baxto Fufu Flour. He is a Member of the board of directors EyesofAfrika Tv, a tv media set to showcase the value of Africa.

He is a member of the Boardroom Institute and a fellow of the African Young Leaders Fellowship Program.

Kenneth holds an executive MBA In leadership and management from the prestigious Accra Business School and an Agricultural Economics degree from the prestigious Benson Idahosa University.

Kenneth won Best Entrepreneur of the year (Class of Elite 2019) from the Benson Idahosa University.

He  also won Young Entrepreneur of the year by The Entrepreneur Africa.

He has also won the Outstanding leadership award by Benson Idahosa University.

His passion is to use Agriculture to end hunger, create wealth and jobs and drive equitable economic growth in Africa to lift millions out of proverty.

He was recently appointed as an ambassador to a UK based organization called TheirsWorld.

He is the Convener of “Africa Farmers Convention” the largest agro conference in Africa.

He is the President, Africa Chambers of Smallholder farmers. He has been featured in several TV Stations and several blogs

He is a Self  Development enthusiasts, a conference speaker, a

nd a writer

AGRICULTURE- Idowu Aladegolu- Noble Poultry Farm

Noble Poultry Farm

(We rear healthy…You consume Healthy)

Personal Biography

Aladegolu Solomon Akintomiwa Idowu, 20 years old, a native of Ekiti State. Currently an undergraduate at the Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA) studying Human Anatomy. He has passion for agriculture particularly poultry farming. He is a Volleyball player, Humanitarian and a registered member of the Nigerian Redcross Society. He is Diligent and always eager to know more.

Business Biography

Noble Poultry Farm is a commercial poultry farm that raises domestic birds of different age categories, located in the outskirt of Ibadan. Noble poultry Farm was established in 2017 and began with a team of 2 people and 50 chicks. Noble Poultry Farm received her first professional recognition by life Plus foundation International (an agricultural company that trains farmers on Farm managements) .In recent years the Capacity of the farm increased to breeding over 800+ chicks. Today at Noble Poultry Farm we sell 4, 6, 8 chickens to wholesalers, retailers and individuals.


Umohusoh Church Gideon is an undergraduate of the department of Petroleum and gas Engineering, UNILAG. Founder, Botany Awareness Scheme (BAS) and Fixed farms, an agribusiness aimed at encouraging organic agriculture through the application of organic manure to upscale  food and nutrient security. I am also a writer driven by my passion for understanding the nuances of personal development and environmental transmogrification. As an entrepreneur, I find it uncomfortable to settle for less but rather strive through innovation to achieve greatness by seeking out opportunities. I am ambitious and driven to change lives by imploring youths to join the global movement of food security and poverty eradication through sustainable agriculture. I believe a new generation can also be built through sustainable agriculture.

Fixed farms is an evolution in organic farming whose sole purpose is to help sustain the health of soil, agro ecosystems and people to create integrated, environmental, economical and sustainable agricultural production system in order to provide an acceptable level of the crop, human nutrition, protection from diseases and an appropriate return to the people and other resources employed. Our impact on the society has also been the provision of information technology which support better crop, fertilizers, and pesticides selection. We have also been able to sensitize youths and involve them in agriculture. This has reduced hunger and poverty as well as the curb the unemployment rate. This venture has improved land management, provide access to weather information and connect farmers to other sources of credits which also adds to our success stories.


Fiyinfoluwa Olajolo’s profile Fiyinfoluwa Olajolo is a pig farmer, pork seller and a mental health advocate, dwelling on child and adolescent mental health. She is the executive director at HETHS agro services, a livestock farming and processing company that seeks to spread the good news of profitable yet pollution free pig farming. She is the lead advocate at the Hope Clinic NG, a mental health center that provides assessment and therapy for children, adolescent and their family, she is a social innovator that seeks to achieve the SDGs 1,2,3 and 8 via her entrepreneurial journey and mental health advocacy. Fiyinfoluwa is a 2019 Tony Elumelu foundation (T.E.F) entrepreneur and a 2020 T.E.F Hub lead for Oyo state Alumni Hub. She enjoys taking garri with pork barbecue at her leisure About the business HETHS agro services is a livestock farming and processing company that seeks to promote the good news of profitable yet pollution free pig farming. We engage in the production, packaging and sales of pigs and its products while offering a neat, affordable, collaborative and secured space for pig farmers to farm and a platform to invest. Our vision is to be Africa’s number one producer of healthy pork meat and other pig products and become Africa’s neatest piggery estate. Our farm is located in Oyo Town in Oyo state


Elizabeth Oladepo is an Agro-preneur and the founder of 07 Foods, an indigenous company established to ensure the sustainable production, addition of value, sales and distribution of agricultural produce. Their products, the Yam and Unripe Plantain Flour which is NAFDAC certified is sourced directly from small scale farmers in the local communities thereby contributing to the socio-economic improvement and fostering of a better lifestyle for especially the farmers. The raw materials are hygienically processed into easy to prepare, nutritious, and wholesome packaged products which can be accessed in over 15 stores in Lagos and also through their social media handles, @07Foods. 07 Foods has helped families stay healthy and happy over 1000 times by providing them CONVENIENCE in using and accessing their products. They have also engaged over 15 amazing individuals in their value chain in the pursuit of the goal- impact creation.


Sharon Idahosa is the founder/board chair of LIFEX AGRICULTURE INITIATIVE, a non governmental organization that seeks to bring about the inclusiveness of rural farmers in Nigeria. Before devoting full-time into her NGO, she worked as a personal assistant with an award winning events company for 2years, gaining life changing experiences that prepared her for the world of work.

Sharon Idahosa is a graduate of Agriculture Education from Benson Idahosa University with a proficiency in Innovative Agriculture where she perfected the underlying theory of knowledge. With her passion for the agricultural sector and the zeal towards providing a sustainable agriculture through her initiative LAI.

LIFEXAGRICULTURE INITIATIVE(LAI) is a non governmental organization that seeks to bring about the inclusiveness of rural farmers in Nigeria through training, educating them on the right approaches to a sustainable agriculture. Our vision at LAI is to connect with farmers across Nigeria. The rural areas which is being neglected, is a major concern to us and so we aim to impact the lives of farmers. While our mission is to promote the growth and development in the rural areas, as well as improving food security in Nigeria.

As an organization, we bring farmers together in the rural areas to train and equip them through;

  • Free workshop and training programs on sourcing for quality seeds, management
  • t of post-harvest losses, marketing strategies.
  • Micro schemes for agriculture

Fashion – Ajufoh Folakemi- FolaTheTailor


It takes a lot of patience, dedication, hard work and passion to reach the top of one’s profession and as hard to keep that position. All these has been the driving force for Ajufoh Folakemi in her chosen profession, Fashion designing.

Currently enrolled as a 300-level Economics student at the prestigious University of Lagos. Folakemi was born on June 15, 1996 in Lagos to a family of five.

Before Folakemi decided to venture into fashion designing, she worked as a Sales Merchandisers Supervisor at Tanamont Nigeria Limited, a beverage manufacturing company for over 3 years where she gained exposure on starting a brand and running a business successfully in Nigeria.

She started the brand “FolaTheTailor” in 2018 after going through rigorous fashion designing training in 3 different institutes which spanned over 12 months. Her Unique Selling Proposition in the Fashion industry is using African prints to make contemporary outfits for trendy and stylish everyday women in Nigeria and diaspora.


My name is Olanrewaju Joy Akinyele, I am a final year student of the University of Ibadan where I am involved in extracurricular activities like volunteering and wildlife conservation. I am the Creative Director of Belle and Bloom Designs.
As children we lived in a world of fairytales ruled by our imaginations after watching Cinderella, Rapunzel and all other characters have a beautiful life with happy endings. We believed that life was one full of beauty, colours and endless possibilities.
As we grow older we come to the realization that life isn’t always full of colours and beautiful things like we had imagined. We had to find ways to bring some of these colours and beauty into our lives
Belle and Bloom as our name implies is a fantasy come true as we bring beauty and imaginations to life. Our name encompasses how people should feel when they associate with the brand.
Using environmental-friendly materials, we create unique craft pieces and make decorative options readily available in Nigeria in line with SDGs 8 and 12 that cover economic growth and sustainable production. No two designs are exactly the same, showing that there’s a difference in peoples imaginations.
We don’t just produce decorative craft items but also empower young women and children alike to create a source of income for themselves through craft while we guide them on how they can express themselves creatively in line with the SDGs number 4 and 5 on quality education and gender equality.


Motunrayo Fatoke is a final year student of the university of Ibadan, she has served on several
entrepreneurial platforms and led multiple award-winning projects. She is a member of unibadan
entrepreneur network and Enactus, the largest international student entrepreneurial network where
she pioneered Project LearnAgain, an award-winning project.
Motunrayo is a Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI) fellow, a United Nations academic impact
millennium fellow and a Global Youth Ambassador of Theirworld.
She is Passionate about Education and Entrepreneurship, and equally believes Education and
entrepreneurship will change Africa’s Narrative.
Her passion for entrepreneurship and women economic development led her to establish
ONÍFÁÀRÍ, ONÍFÁÀRÍ is a fashion and Lifestyle Hub that combines 5 different segments. A
retail store where various in-demand artistic fashion items are sold, a unisex salon, a make up
studio, a SPA, and a library facility that serves library users based on a monthly or annual
subscription plan. ONÍFÁÀRÍ is prioritizing women at the forefront of it Management system, asides
generating revenue for the company, ONÍFÁÀRÍ seeks to improve the standard of living of
women at the grassroots by providing seed capital for these local women to start up small scale
businesses as well as setting up financial literacy training to enable them better utilize their
ONÍFÁÀRÍ is set to improve economic growth, liberate marginalized women from financial
instability and provide Jobs for the many unemployed youths in Nigeria and Africa at large.

  • Arts and Culture- Chisom Udeoba- Creatives in Africa

Chisom Onyinyechukwu Udeoba is a Creative Writer, Media Practitioner and Creativity Coach.

She is the Creative Director of Creatives in Africa, One of the foremost platforms for Creatives and Entrepreneurs to harness their creativity and accelerate their productivity for income, impact and influence.

Creatives in Africa also has a virtual hub and mobile App for Creatives from different parts of the world to offer their services, earn from it and also take courses and learn skills(E-learning and E-commerce Hub)

It was built with the vision of connecting the world with Africa; To deconstruct the single-story narrative of the continent by sharing the amazing works creatives from different parts of the continent are doing.

Chisom is also an Amazon Bestselling Author, Serial Volunteer and an SDGs Advocate.

She has also spoken on different platforms including Tedx and In 2018, She won AEA’s Award as The Most Enterprising Female of the Year.

In 2019, One of her Social Entrepreneurship project ‘Your Child Can Be Creative’ which was focused on training children on different creative skills was one of the Winners of the South East Volunteerism Challenge.

In 2020, She also got nominated as a Young Person of the Year in the Nigeria Achievers Awards and just recently,

She organised the Creatives in Africa Summit tagged “Creatives are the Future of Africa” which brought together a lot of creatives from different parts of the World.

Chisom believes that through creativity, Solutions can be created for the world toughest problems.

  • Arts and Culture-Olowokudejo Olasunmbo Ayotomide-Tanna crafts

I am Olowokudejo Olasunmbo Ayotomide, a graduate of Accounting from the University of Lagos. I am the creative director of Tannacraft. I am a lady with the passion of redefining the true essence of beauty by embracing our African culture through our locally sourced African prints which is used to make the handcrafted bags, footwear, accessories, and souvenirs. Tanna crafts started as a result of my love for the African prints and also wanting to do more and explore with the African prints which has led to the creativity of the brand. I believe our African prints can do much more than just sewing it into different styles of outfits and this is seen in our beautiful collections of Ankara bags, footwear, and even notepads. We delight in absolute customer satisfaction with our neatly finished crafted items.
We are located in Lagos, Nigeria and our vision is embracing the African culture with the aim of creating beautiful handcrafted items with the African prints thereby moving the African prints globally.


POSE by Ponmi Enterprises is a registered, growing Nigerian beauty brand that produces originally formulated cosmetics which includes skincare products and bespoke perfumes.
POSE by Ponmi was founded by Cynthia Omoseyitan Ojomo who was born on the 7th of March 1996, an indigene of Owo, Ondo state, and a Master’s degree holder in Communication and Media Studies from Afe Babalola University, Ado-Ekiti, Nigeria.
POSE by Ponmi was established in 2016 and later ventured into the beauty industry in 2018 as a result of passion and the desire to restore the confidence of women in their complexions and embrace the use of natural products to reduce the rate of bleaching and application of harsh and harmful chemicals on the skin, most especially by women.
We operate on the values of Passion(P), Originality(O), Skillfulness(S), and Elegance(E).
We aim to be a world-class brand recognized for embracing, restoring, and promoting lost confidence in quality natural products; the natural beauty in the complexion of people of color while creating quality products and maintaining customer relationships.
Thanks to this platform provided by the SME 100 Africa 25UNDER25 Awards, we are steadily getting the recognition that will help achieve our goal and help represent Nigeria in the continental and global markets.

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