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research the market you are shopping before you go, the location can also determine price hike, so you have an idea of what to expect, so get ready to bargain hard. In these cases, haggling down to 15 to 20% off the asking price is a good general rule.

At local markets, you’ll often get the same price as the locals, so you should only bargain to lower the price by about 10%. Some local markets use fixed prices, which means you won’t be able to negotiate. In that case, the seller will tell you “no-deal” when you propose a lower price—and don’t try to push back.


If you have a particular item in mind ask for the price at different booths and shops to get the average price. Understanding the range of prices for retail and wholesales gives you a foundation of where to start..

When ready to make your purchase, pick out the merchant you want to buy from and ask for the price, But don’t start bargaining unless you’re serious indicates a more serious intention than simply asking for a price.

Don’t name your price, as this can devalue or inflate the price of the item. Once you get the asking price, assert your price. The seller may give a lower or higher price, check his verbal cues and body language for signs of a willingness to compromise. keep negotiating until you meet at a reasonable price. if you still feel your agreed price is inflated, you can move to the other vendor, the seller won’t let you go if the price can still be reduced


Wear a smile


The basic intention here is helping each other out. it’s not an unusual thing apparently some cultures made it a tradition to have a bargain before a purchase takes place, it’s known to be an important part of the transaction. So remember, the most important part is to enjoy yourself, always with a smile and of course respect for the seller.

your satisfaction after purchase means you did a great job with the bargaining and deserves a thumbs up if you’re satisfied, do don’t feel bad, check where you got it wrong and focus on a better bargaining experience the next time you go shopping

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