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 1. Advertise using different medium

As mentioned above, it’s good to test multiple marketing channels and ideas to see what works best. Often, it’s not any one thing but a combination of all of the above. When your customer hears you on the radio, sees you in a search engine result, and then finds you mentioned in a blog they like (content marketing), they start to accept your brand as a solid, dependable, known entity. They may not have the need for your product or service immediately, but when they do, it will be your name that comes to mind instead of a competitor’s.

2.  It’s always time for PR.

When you do traditional advertising, it’s your marketing material selling your product. When you do PR, or have a member of the press or a media house that covers your industry talk about you, it’s brand building and endorsement.

Some people call it landing-page flair or credibility building, but, if your company is featured in a popular daily papers you’d be silly not to put that paper’s name on the front of your company’s website. Even if your company was only mentioned by way of a quote from your CEO, you are still mentioned When customers see that publication’s name next to your company’s name, it builds credibility.

3. Give customers a place to talk to/about you.

Good or bad, you want to know what your customers are saying. If you don’t provide your customers with a place to complain or praise you, it makes it look like their thoughts and opinions don’t matter. Remember, even if a customer comes to you and is furious, that’s a great opportunity for you to publicly show how willing you are to right a wrong, or make a customer feel valued — which is PR gold.

By providing a place on your site for this kind of exchange to happen, you can address the issue and control a portion of that narrative. The alternative is that your customer goes to a third-party site and complains where you can’t address the issue nor tailor an edited response.

4. We look forward to seeing you again.

Reward loyalty or interestt, customers are our sales department. Word-of-mouth testimonials and customers who are brand advocates are better than any sales team you could put together. ensure you reward customers with competitive pricing, incredible customer support and automatic updates to enhance the business

5. Sell the benefit, not a comparison

How you market yourself is all about highlighting what makes you different. There are three major ways to do that.

  • Cost (you know how to price your product better than the competition)
  • Quality (you’re better)
  • A combination thereof (you offer the better value)

But how you sell yourself is different than how you market yourself. You can tell someone that you provide a product or service that is cheaper or more effective than that of another business, but that doesn’t say how much better you are going to make the customer’s life.

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