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yas ! you are all dressed and ready for your event but here comes a clause your girlfriend insist you look way too simple for the theme of the party or you probably in for a compulsory impromptu event and ofcourse you cant go simple. time to fix something up real quick , same thing i went before coming up with some easy tips to turn your simple look to a glam in a min

  1. GET THE RIGHT JEWELRIES; the right jewelries can change everything . you can opt for glitters or bold statement.

2. LET YOUR EYES DO THE MAGIC; Your eyes can passs all the message , you may not need to say a thing, expressions can be communicated through the sight , this time you are sending a glamorous look.

3. GO RED FOR THE LIP ; You sure need a bold lipstick , and guess what the best color is RED.

4. OPT FOR A SUNSHADES ; now you need a sunshades except if its a night event or an indoor , you may skip the shades but if not, good frames will instantly scream GLAM!

5. FIX YOUR HAIR; your hair has got a lot to say, anything you do , keep your hair neat. curly or straight have it well laid .

6. WEAR A SMILE; let your smile light up the room girl, the best thing to wear ever is a smile.


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