1. Reduce  your intake. Don’t  be bombarded with the news of the moment. Instead, choose a single news source and decide how much limited time you’ll spend with it each day. Then stick to your plan.
  2. Get strength from your past breakthrough . Get hope from your past resilience. You have likely endured other unforeseen major life disrupts, major hurricanes, or the financial meltdown of 2008. You made it through! And you are stronger because of it. Know that you will get through this. Remind yourself of your resilience on a regular basis.
  3. Watch a funny video. Thanks to the huge popularity of  YouTube, Tiktok, there are thousands of videos that can help you take your mind off current events, if only for three minutes at a time. Lookout for  the funniest among them so you can  return for a repeat viewing whenever things feel gloomy.
  4. Look out for your  neighbors. You may be at low risk of severe consequences from the virus, but it may not be the same for your neighbors whose immune systems are compromised. The act of checking in on them (keeping six feet apart, of course) will not only make them feel good, it will make you feel good and remind you that there are others for whom this predicament is even more stressful.
  5. Support local business. Maybe you’re heeding the social distancing advice and aren’t eager to sit in a crowded restaurant right now. And others feel the same way. Those empty seats aren’t helping that restaurant owner to pay her staff or keep the restaurant in business. Buy a gift card to help the business owner now, and prepay for a wonderful meal you can have to celebrate when this pandemic is behind us.
  6. Send gifts in the mail. Who says its not nice to drop in on your loved ones with some freshly baked cookies, try it!  Or send them a card or gift in the mail. . look out for your the elderly who are living in nursing homes. Many facilities have closed their doors to all visitors, making residents feel even more isolated and vulnerable.
  7. Take advantage of the stay home time.  Be productive. This could be an opportunity to  to focus on some things you’ve had no time for and to accelerate your  progress on other product offerings. It’s liberating, you could learn few new things and have fun .
  8. Practice random acts of kindness. Your kindness doesn’t require a monetary outlay. Write an unsolicited book review for a friend of yours who is an author. Comment on a colleague’s LinkedIn post. Send a note of appreciation to a friend or colleague. Many in the entire country of Italy broke out in song and applause to honor their healthcare workers. Thank people around you working hard to keep things safe in your building or workplace for their efforts to keep things safe. Think of those who are in need , send material things if you can or some word of encouragement
  1. Take a daily inventory. Start  every day with a positive acknowledgement of something  grateful for.  It  will help take away  some  negativity  and remind you that not everything that’s happening right now is bad

In   times  like this.  You   need positive antidote and attitude and  march forward with a lot of hope.  Deliberately engage in   positive, heartwarming, stress reducing and laughter inducing activities,  this will pass soon

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