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Digital skills are a surefire way to put yourself in another income bracket real fast. With the recent happenings around the world, more and more people would lose jobs and everyone would need more money to survive.

Thankfully, with a smart phone, internet and a skill to sell, anyone can earn money even from the confines of their homes. Below are 5 skills you can digitize and cash in on at this time.

  1. Social Media Management: If you are social media savvy, and understand the alogorithm, this is a great time to cash in by offering your skills to small and medium businesses anywhere in the world to manage Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on. However, remember that social media management goes beyond posting nice pictures and responding to DMs, so before you brand yourself a social media manager, be sure you have what it takes.
  2. CopyWriting: People are looking for those with the gift of writing, not just writing but connecting emotionally with consumers and setting the mood right for sales. You can write sales captions for social media, articles for blogs, business proposals, plans etc. If this sounds like you, put a price to it and begin to earn from your skill.
  3. Teaching: Yes. Students are home, parents want kids learning and engaged. If you are great at teaching, set up a preferred platform and set the ball rolling. The beauty of it is that you can teach literally anything: DIYs, Languages, Soft skills, Baking and so on. Just brand it right and off you go.
  4. Graphics Design: Canva is hard said someone who hates to create designs and has no eye for details. If you are great at creating designs, you can offer it as a service or prepare editable templates and sell to those who need it. Even better.
  5. Affiliate Marketing or Drop Shipping: Gone are the days when you need to own the products or services to market or sell them. Now, you can make money off other people’s hard work. Simply reach out to a brand you admire and offer to market their product or service to the world for a percentage.

So Ladies, identify which of the skills best suits you and begin your journey to financial freedom. If you aren’t good at any of the mentioned, don’t feel discouraged. Remember that you can always dedicate some time to learning and in no time, you too can be a guru.


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