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You are currently viewing COVID-19: ARE YOU REALLY STAYING SAFE?
Young woman using wash hand sanitizer gel in the cafe.

Let’s face it, it has been a long few weeks for everyone. Just when we think we have heard the latest, there is something new to consume. So far, there has been no known cure for the virus and we sincerely hope that one comes sooner rather than later. In the interim, the WHO has advised us to employ some basic hygiene measures to curb the spread such as washing of hands with soap and water, use of hand sanitizers and more importantly social distancing.

The real question is are we really keeping safe? In a recent video, a lady opened a tap, washed her hands thoroughly and after that touched the same tap head to turn off the water.

I visited the stores to join the bandwagon of panic shoppers and I noticed how people picked up items from the shelves and dropped them back. Now, you innocently go to that same item, pick it up, take it home and store it in your cupboard. Now imagine someone infected handled any of those items or the tap in the earlier illustration.

When last did you sanitize your phone or laptop after washing your hand? And just like that, the virus spreads despite our ‘keeping safe’

It is not enough to just wash and sanitize our hands, we must be extra careful at these times. Here are a few extra tips to help you stay safe:

  1. When you come home try not to touch anything immediately
  2. Remove your shoes and leave them outside.
  3. Leave bags, purse, keys, wallet, etc in a box outside
  4. Disinfect the surface of all items bought from the market or supermarket before storing them.
  5. Wash and cook all food items thoroughly.
  6. Sanitize phones, laptops, car steering, and home surfaces as often as possible.
  7. Disinfect your pet’s paws if you take them for a walk.
  8. Extend the same hand of care to your domestic staff.
  9. Refuse visitors as much as possible at this time.
  10. Eat healthy, hydrate and take vitamins.

After all, said the most effective way to stop the spread is to stay at home.

Remember, stay safe and communicate right. COVID-19 is real.

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