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Makeup is something that can look different on everyone. Some people can pull off a dramatic eye look, while others may think that it looks ridiculous on them. However, there are a number of looks that everyone can wear, no matter their makeup application skill level. All that is required of these 5 different makeup looks is the makeup itself.


A natural look can be worn every day, whether you are going to work, going to see a friend or just sitting around at home. This look involves foundation (or tinted moisturizer) to even out your skin tone, and a little earth-toned eye shadow. Round out the look with some lip gloss or tinted lip balm in a natural color.


Looking professional requires a little bit more makeup than the “natural look” does. Start with foundation, and then apply concealer where it is needed. A little pink blush and some earth-toned eye shadow should be applied next. Finish off this look with a light coating of mascara and a nice berry or pinkish colored lipstick. The ideal look is natural plus one.


For a sexy look, you’ll need some red lipstick and a lot of dark, smoky eye shadow. As with the previous two looks, start with foundation, concealer and blush. Then, add in the smoky eye shadow, plenty of mascara, and red lipstick. Don’t forget the perfume if you want it to be truly sexy!


You can have fun with a dramatic look. Go through some beauty magazines or hunt down some online pictures of fashion shows and try to emulate what was shown on the runway. Some things to consider are unusual eye shadow colors and applications, thick, painted on eyebrows, and even lip color treatments that look like plastic once they’ve been applied. You can even add a little glitter or shimmering bronzer to take this look completely over the top!

Special Event:     

A special event, like a wedding, requires makeup that is halfway between professional and sexy. Start off by applying foundation, concealer, blush and even a little bronzer, if you so desire. Next, apply some smoky eye shadow, but keep it slightly tame. A little mascara and some lipstick finish off this look nicely.

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