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There is a difference between shopping and shopping smart

However, we’ve come to realize that a lot of people, especially women and girls, tend to leave the mall with that unpleasant feeling that comes with shopping wrongly.

That’s why we decided to make shopping more rewarding by giving out shopping tips for women and girls.

Here are five shopping mall tips for women and girls

1. Check prices online                                  

It is known to most people that when it comes to enticing customers, retailers are masters. They know what you’re looking for and with this knowledge, it becomes easier for them to convince you.

So before going to the mall, ensure you know the cost of everything you’re going to buy and jot it down. This will not only help plan your budget, it will also give you a surer ground during negotiation.

2. Have a list

Learn to prepare a list of everything you want before going shopping. And there’s no better way to do so than to review what you have. Your listed items should be genuine and important: Only going for that which is needed at the moment.

However, it is not enough to make a list; ensure you make use of it when you find yourself inside the mall. And start the buying from top to bottom as you cancel out purchased items.

Remember that you are likely to overspend or buy things not intended if you don’t have a list at hand.

3. Have a budget

Don’t go shopping without a budget, because your eyes will never be satisfied. This is the reason why most people are lured from store to stores, thus leading to excesses at the end of the day.

However, in other to prevent this shopping mistake, ensure you have a ‘cap’ on how much you plan to spend. No more, no less.

4. Know when to go shopping

This is one of the most common emotional triggers that prompt people to shop unconsciously and therefore not smartly.

If you are feeling any of these emotions – you are tired, hungry, lonely, bored, or upset – please, don’t go shopping. Because they are likely to throw you off self-balance from the onset.

Nevertheless, if it is important that you must go shopping then engage yourself with something else until you feel more emotionally active to do so.

5. Try to time yourself

There are people who would prefer to shop in a purposeless fashion, whiling away precious time. You shouldn’t be one of them. Don’t go around playing the role of a loiter in a shopping mall in the name of buying right.

If you want to shop smart, set a specific time for yourself by timing yourself. And try as much as you can to complete your shopping within the self-given time.

However, if as a result of uncontrolled circumstances, you happened to find yourself in a situation where you can’t help but loiter around, do yourself the favour of checking out and fix another day to continue your shopping.

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