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You are currently viewing WEARING YOUR CROWN AS A WOMAN

By wearing your crown as a woman, you are placing a value on yourself.  You are saying you are worth it! It doesn’t matter what you’ve been through or what anyone thinks.

If every young girl today, growing up with the pressure of social media and the celebrity culture could understand her true value she would be guaranteed to grow into a strong and beautiful woman.

These are daily mantras you need to tell yourself:

I am proud of being a woman.  It isn’t an easy job, but it is certainly one worth doing.

I am a Mom, a sister, a daughter and a friend.  I am also a girlfriend, a colleague. I am a marketer, a blogger and a writer.

Most of all though I am strong.                   

I am plus sized.  I battle with my weight.  I battle with my health, and I have a history.

I am a fighter                                                        

I love my scars

All of this just makes me stronger.

I love my perfect flaws

Wear your feminine crown and know you are worth it!

You are loved!

You are cherished!

I adore you BOSS LADY!!

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