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You are currently viewing WHAT YOU NEED TO START UP A BUSINESS

Starting up a business goes beyond having an idea and finance. The following are things you need to bear in mind when you start a business as an entrepreneur

  1. Select a business name: Every startup business needs a name or easy identification. Your name can also describe the nature of your business in a way- SWANGUZY FABRICS. From this name, you can tell that the entrepreneur is into fabrics.
  • Register your business: every business needs to be registered
  • Write out a business plan: A business plan will put your ideas in concreate terms. Having your plans written down will help you stay on track.

Starting a business is difficult so it is best you map out a plan.

  • Open a company bank account: Select a bank and open the company bank account. Get in touch with the bank before opening the account to know their requirements. Some bank requirements are fairly simple while some are complex.
  • Develop a business identity: Order business cards, letterhead and promotional materials for your business. A professionally created logo can make your business look professional and established.

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