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There are rules guiding everything including emails. Nowadays, business email is used more than any other means of communication. Many still don’t understand the importance of email etiquette. How you compose an email reflects your professionalism and personality.

Here are few email etiquettes you should bear in mind

  1. Email address: your email address is the first thing anyone sees before reading the body of the message therefore, you should have a professional email address. Imagine applying for a job and your email address is As funny as it looks, anyone paying attention wont take you serious so it is advisable to have a professional email address.
  2. Choose your subject:

Every email must have a subject and your subject must summarize the purpose of your message. Try to keep the subject simple.

  •  Keep your message(s) organized:

 Make it a habit to organize your messages starting with an introduction, body and a conclusion. No one would reply scattered messages.

  • Watch your tone:

The tone of voice can often be misinterpreted via email – watch your tone, keep it brief yet professional.

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