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In the 90’s, Afro was the most popular hairstyle and it is amazing how it gradually came back to Africa and most people embraced it. Afro is also known as ‘A Fro’ and when it is properly taken care of, you’ll be on your way to falling head over heels in love with it.  The Fro was brought back so we can embrace our culture as Africans as it is one of the unique features that makes us stand out.

There are multiple reasons to love your afro:

  1. The versatility is endless. With your fro you can do twist out, afro puff, bantu knots or even style with natural hair extensions.
  2. Low and easy maintenance. With water and shea buter
  3. The crown(fro) is strong and thick
  4. Achieve longer hair length
  5. Connect with your culture

There’s no doubt that wearing your Afro-textured hair gives you a sense of pride in your identity as a woman with African roots. Afros and afro hairstyles have played a role in political views and stood as a symbol of black pride for decades and continues to do so.

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