New Decade! New Year 2020!

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It the beginning of a new year and a New Decade!!!!!! And if you can’t tell we It the beginning of a new year and a New Decade!!!!!! And if you can’t tell we are extremely excited! And this can only mean one thing: it’s time to get it organized! With better planning, life is more productive and definitely more enjoyable. Take on 2020 with these tips for getting healthy in every area of your life; which will help you create space to invest in the people you care about! 

Focus on Quality goals and not Quantity goals. Set Goals and create resolutions you can actually achieve. 

  • Routines: Create routines that allow moments for reflection. Simplify your schedule to create time for games night with family and friends, impromptu shopping trips and lazy Saturday or Sunday mornings. 
  • Self-care: It is important to invest in your emotional and mental health.. Increase your self-awareness by taking personality assessments, conflict resolution workshops or simply a day away for solitude. Plan one day a month with nowhere to be and nothing to do and mark it off as a day of rest or spontaneous fun! 
  • Ask for help. Don’t hesitate to ask friends; family members or even get the help of professionals with activities such as cleaning, doing the laundry and even cooking on days when you are overwhelmed. 
  • Plan to give back on a regular basis — it makes life so rewarding!  
  • Plan Ahead: Organizing your activities Months in advance will help you manage your time better and give you a sense of rest, because you would not be under so much pressure. 
  • Add Healthy Routines: A healthy life is always a great idea! Focus on fitness and nutrition to start the year off strong. Create a plan to integrate a few new healthy practices  into your routine. Make sure it is realistic and straightforward plan you will stick to. Drink more water and get moving! Take one step toward simpler organizing, and you can spend more time on what matters this year! 

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