Our Favorite 90’s Style that made a Come back

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In the 90s many of us did not have a sense of style, let alone being fashionistas. Most of our outfits were always decided by our mums, and we would wear whatever she felt was cool and fashionable. It was all good, except that they were not always fashionable according to us. But, when you look at your throwback pictures and skim through the latest fashion diaries, you start to see a resemblance. Don’t you? It was not that bad after all. Sorry, mom! Once a memory, always a memory.

Some fashion trends are so nostalgic that you can pick it up from where you left. The 90s fashion trends are making a comeback. But again, they have all got a makeover to match the current fashion scene. Anyway, brace yourself for a fashionable trip down memory lane.

  1. Mom Jeans

This is definitely a trend we are glad is back and think was about time. These pair of airy, comfortable, cotton denim pants that sit beautifully at the waist and were out near the thighs (unlike the painfully tight ones). There are a lot of variations, but this breathable pair of trousers is something we all need, and we are glad they were revived, at least as an option to some of us.

2. Tiny Glasses- A retro Comeback

 source: rihanna;instagram

What was once considered goofy and nerdy, has now made a radical comeback. If you want to slowly get into the 90s groove, having to do too much, then you should  definitely try the tiny glasses look and youll be fully in the 90’s era. Plus, it’s a fad right now! You won’t stick out like a sore thumb, but you will get a thumbs up from the fashion police.

3. Denim Skirts; Thank God for them


Yes! The very sound of it makes easily gives us that nostalgic feeling. From the flower printed ones to the front slit, buttoned, A-line, distressed, midi and polka dots. One good thing with denim skirts is  that it suits anyone irrespective of the age, personality or body type. Don’t know why they ever went away but we are thankful to have it back.

4. Backpacks are back!

When the 90s trend was initially picking up, backpacks felt like a very temporary thing and a fad that will eventually fade. Surprisingly, that’s not the case, and the designers are only expanding horizons. And, you should too.

5. Prints!!! They’ve Found their way back

Printed pairs were big in the 90s, and that seems to be the case now too. A lot of celebrities are seen sporting this style, and we should all take the lead. Whatsay?

This are our top 5 90’s looks that have made a come back and we are so here for it! The 90s fashion is in!  What is your favorite style from the 90s? What is that one style that you think deserves a comeback? And, what style defines you the most? Let us know. Lastly, I hope you enjoyed this trip down memory lane.

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