Quick Skin Care Tips For a Busy Schedule

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If you are busy as we are please raise your hand!

Yup that’s what we thought – we are super crazy busy too. But in a good way! I mean, there are so many awesome things going on, opportunities to check out, people to connect with, work to do, businesses to start, recipes to try, books to read….I could go on for a while.

While we’re out there chasing dreams and making things happen, sometimes our beauty and skincare routine gets put on the back burner. Add some stress (good or bad) into the mix, and say bye-bye to clear beautiful skin.

We all want to be out there kicking business butt, but I know we want to look slay while doing it too. I’m here to tell you it can be done! Let’s face it, our clients and biz partners form their impression of us in mere seconds and our face is a huge part of that impression.

Here are our top 3 quicker skin care tips for busy people (that’s you!)


Forget taking the time to use face wash products in the morning – first soaking your face, then lathering, working it in, rinsing. And if you’re anything like s here at 100women, getting it in your eyes and trying desperately to get the sting out for at least a few minutes.

Drinking loads of water is the way to go. In fact anything water is the best option. For those days that you just don’t have the time, splashing your face a few times with warm water is enough. Yes way! Water alone can clear dirt, debris and waste right out of our pores, wash away the oiliness and give us a little bit of a glow.


A few years ago this headline would have given us a heart palpitations a few years ago. But now I’ve seen the light.

All you need is some powder to face your day – just brush it on real quick with a big fat makeup brush. It really does work miracles and easily makes any oily shine disappear.

A good quality loose mineral powder can be especially helpful for sensitive or acne-prone skin, since they don’t contain pore clogging ingredients like wax, fragrance, dyes, preservatives, binders and other toxins. They’re also non-occlusive and non-comedogenic, meaning they won’t jam up our pores, allowing for the proper elimination toxins and wastes (ie: through our sweat.)

As an added bonus, mineral powders contain….you guessed it, minerals! Being made up of these pure and natural crushed up elements, they feed your skin a little nutrition from the outside, including the all important clear skin mineral, zinc.

Not all mineral powders are made equal, however, so be sure to avoid any that say “mineral-enriched” on the label (meaning that non-organic compounds – aka: fillers, toxins and the like – have been added.) Also avoid liquid and mousse formulas, as they most likely contain preservatives to maintain their smooth texture.


We can’t stress enough how important it is to incorporate facial masks and exfoliation into your routine.

Clay based face mask are the ultimate pore cleansing step. They open up the pores, provide deep hydration and act like a magnet to attract, bind and pull out impurities from our skin. Oil and toxins are literally forced out. Nice!

Exfoliation helps to shed the old dying cells on the surface of our skin, allowing the brand new cells below to shine through and give our skin a healthy glow. Without a little scrubbing, those old cells will just block up our pores and cause all kinds of skin troubles.

If you’re not already doing these things, you’re probably thinking “OMG you said you were going to save me time!” But listen, you’ve only got to do these things once a week or so.


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