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A beauty influencer is someone who shares their opinions on various beauty products. Consciously or not, these beauty influencers have more or less contributed to shaping our judgment on our choice of beauty products

When it comes to beauty, influencers have completely transformed the industry and the way people search for and buy makeup products. If there is a time to be a beauty influencer, there’s no better moment than now.

JACKIE AINA:                                                 


You would be hardly to find a beauty lover who has not heard about Aunty Jackie. Jackie has been catapulted into superstar status with many women, particularly women of color, following her every move.          

 Jackie Aina has become a well known  name over her years in the beauty world. She has gone from playing with beauty videos to seriously investing in her creative skills and becoming one of YouTube’s top influencers.

Although Jackie once believed that talking about these taboo subjects and calling out these powerful brands would hinder her career, since starting her YouTube channel in 2008, she’s gained over 2.8 million YouTube subscribers and 1.1m Instagram followers.

Jackie has proven that you can be wildly successful whilst staying true to yourself and standing up for what you believe in. For the millions of women of color without a voice in the industry, Jackie is the mouthpiece.


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