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You are currently viewing FASHION DO’S AND DON’TS

There are so many trending styles which everyone wants to jump into but also remember that there are rules guiding fashion. Here are some do’s and don’ts we should all keep in mind because your dressing either makes or mar you.


-Emphasize your top features instead of hiding them. Show off toned legs in a mini-skirt, or a little cleavage provided you keep your assets in a good push-up bra. Remember the word “little” though.

-Wear lace! I know that today it’s all about easy denim, cotton and knits, but ladylike lace highlights your femininity like no other fabric.

-Own at least a pair of nudes or black. They literally go with anything

– Always check your rear view when trying on a skirt or a pair of pants. And do try to sit down in the changing room, especially if the garment is rather fitted. (preventing split seams is better than having to mend them)

-Wear clothes you are comfortable in.


-Do not wear a patterned top with a patterned trouser

-Do not wear clothes with too many colors. Makeup is also part of your dressing, keep it as simple as possible.

– Wear silver jewelry when your outfit has gold hardware, and vice-versa.

– Go for leggings or pants with big prints. They will make your legs look heavier.

Dressing increases your self confidence so dress right. You do not need to rub a bank to look good. Keep it simple and slay!

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