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There are trendy styles recently and it is not easy to know how to adapt them for our beautiful body shapes. This is a handy guide to help you learn how to dress according to your body shape. But first things first, do you know your body shape?

There are four major body shapes

1.Pear shaped body type: This body type is also known as the triangle shape with the following features

-hips wider than shoulders

-waist wider than bust.

-fuller hips

For this body type, the attention most times is on the hips. Pear shapes look great in A-line cloths, waist-length jackets, and any piece of outerwear that hits mid-thigh. Boxy coats can totally work on you, but as a good rule of thumb, you’ll want to go for a cropped style that emphasizes your waist.

2.Apple shaped body type:

This body type is also known as the inverted triangle with the following features

-your shoulders are broader than your hips

-your hips are not really curvy

-waistline not defined

-well proportioned.

For this body type, the attention most times is on the bust and it isn’t advisable to use a belt when putting on a gown. Peplum tops are perfect and maxi styles with a lower neckline are super flattering. If you like your legs, you can go mini all the time. If not, then knee-length shift and sheath styles look great too. A-line styles are great for curvy apples. And when in doubt, diagonal stripes and darker colors are always slimming.

3.Rectangle shaped body type:

This body type is also known as the athletic shaped body type with the following characteristics

-not curvy

-hips and shoulder have the same measurement

-straight waist

For this body type, Keeping the athletic shape rule of thumb in mind, pick the pant style that will complement your top shape. If you’ve gone oversized up top, grab a skinny pencil jeans, leggings, or structured trouser style. 

Want to appear taller? Floor-grazing flares or boot-cut styles with heels are both slimming and elongating. If you’re on the petite style, you can balance your frame with flowy and wide-leg styles, gathered waists, and even cargos. If your torso is on the long side, you might want to pick a medium rise jean. High-waisted pants could be a little tricky if your midsection is straight, but if you find a style with stretch, they could work. To be on the safe side, make sure you try them on first. 

4.Hour glass shaped body type: this body type is also known as the curvy shape every lady want to have. These are some features of hour glass body type

-well defined waist

– fuller bust, hips and thighs

-round bust and hips.

In as much as every lady wants to have this type of shape, there are rules guiding this body type as well. For this body type,  Everything from your casual tees to your work-wear outfits should be fitted to show off your narrow waist.

Fitted jumpsuits (so on-trend!) can look incredible on you. Just remember to go for waist flattering styles. Because your shape is so balanced, remember that you won’t need any extra details (like large seams or cargo pockets) to accentuate your hips. 

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