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Today’s fashion isn’t just meant or celebrities and run-way models. The media has exposed a lot of people to trending styles across the universe.

Let us take a look at 5 fashion trends for women to adopt:

1.Shirt dresses:                                                     

One of the trending styles to pick is the shirt-dress. Long shirt, which hit the stands a few years ago, has already become a classic. But, this season, designers have reimagined the shirt-dress with varieties. Women wear these shirt dresses with a belt across, short underneath. It can be worn to a party, beach, dinner, etc


This stylish mix of a kimono and a pair of jeans or gown has been fashionable and well-accepted. Though thrown in with these summer trench coats, just for the sake of it, belts, especially a medium-size obi belt, with a knot in the side, can complete the look.


Bringing it back from the 80’s, palazzo has become one of the most fashionable outfit. It can serve as a cooperate/casual wear. Palazzo can be worn with a beautiful top or a shirt to any event and you are ready to slay babe.

4.Flay tops:

Flay tops can be rocked with a pair of jeans or palazzo pants. The can be made with any material or ankara. Flay tops can be worn to church or an outing.

5. Mum Jeans:

Do you want to look stylish and comfortable? Mum jeans is the best. these are cool pair of jeans that are baggy. It can be worn with a shirt and sneakers to look more cool.

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