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There are thousands of business ideas that you can start, whether you are a housewife, nursing mom or career woman who is looking for a part time job to start. Let us look at some lucrative businesses you can start with low amount and also do from the comfort of your home(s).

  1. Rental business: The rental business may be a bit expensive to set up, the business needs procuring some chairs, tables and canopy(ies). It is best for stay at home moms.
  2. Bead making: These days, women like to adorn their bodies with jewelries such as waist beads, anklets, neck beads, etc. If you have the skill to make beads, as well as other forms of jewelries, then you can start this business. It is one great way to make extra cash and with time, you get to train other people.
  3. Catering and cooking services: everyone loves to eat either food or junks. If you are wonderful chef, then you may consider making cool cash by cooking for people who have events like birthday parties, wedding, house warming, naming ceremony, etc. this could be for stay at home moms or part time career women. It can also be advertised on social media platforms in order to reach a wider market and make more sales. You can also get to train people and make extra cash.
  4. Event planning: These days, as a result of the need to make a living, people want to be free from thinking of how their events will be planned. If you have always been a wonderful planner, then you can start an events planning business and earn cool cash.
  5. Blogging: blogging can become more than just a hobby. Like most new innovations on the Internet, many entrepreneurs saw marketing potential in having a blog, and blogging took off from there. Not only can a blog be used for marketing, but also, a blog can be a home business in and of itself.
  6. Vlogging: this is a type of blog where its contents are usually in form of a video.  It is usually detailed and interesting. This could start off as a hobby and also be used to make money by uploading these vlogs on Youtube. With hard work and consistency, you’d earn more money.
  7. Content creation: if you are good with writing, then you may want to look at making some cool cash from this skill. This is one business that stay at home mums can engage in because you will be able to pay close attention to the services that you render. All that you require is the skill, and an internet connected computer.

Creating content isn’t about writing alone, contents could be generated for vloggers, Make up artists,etc.

  • Online fashion store: this is particularly a business that would be suitable for working class moms. This means that even whilst you are at work, you may be able to manage your online boutique, since it is all about being connected to the internet. It entails the sale of clothes, shoes, hair and other fashion accessories. You may be required to build a very attractive website so that you can attract loads of people
  • Yoga/dance instructor: If you have very flexible muscles, you can be a great dance or yoga instructor. This is one of the reasons why you may want to take up this business seriously. This is a good business idea for stay at home mums, as well as working class ones on weekends.
  •  Drink making: this is also another lucrative business any woman can start up by making smoothie using a combination o fruits, kunu, zobo.  This entails making drinks and package them for sale. It can be a very profitable one if you are creative with your production and advertise on social media platforms to reach a wider market.

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