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You probably don’t need much more convincing after reading about dirty brushes, but clean makeup brushes will also leave the skin far more radiant and ensure your favourite cosmetics glide on like a dream.

1. Dip each brush individually under hot running water, and then into a bowl of gentle shampoo or soap and rub gently with fingers to get a good lather for a few minutes.

2. Hold brushes under running water, checking until there’s no lather left on it. Hold for a further 2-3 seconds, ensuring they are sparkling clean.

3. If there is still residue on the brush, repeat the process. If not, Squeeze the water out of the brush and lay it flat on a towel next to the sink to dry.

4. After all of the brushes are washed, lay them in a neat row underneath the radiator (if you stack them on top of each other, they don’t dry properly and smell strange – not good!)

Best brush hygiene

Bacteria and fungi prefer wet to dry conditions, so foundation brushes may accumulate micro-organisms quicker than dry powder brushes. Treat brushes you use to apply liquid textures to an extra wash or wipe. At least two to three times a week, versus once a week for powder brushes.

Synthetic brushes are the low maintenance choice, easy to clean and longer-lasting – good quality ones should last 5-10 years. Natural bristles are porous so can be more high maintenance. ‘They become limp and useless if not washed. As the grease builds up, the bristles are unable to blend so makeup looks patchy,’ says Caroline

Sponges are a no-go for the makeup pro, Avoid using sponges as pigments and grease wedge themselves deep inside so they never look or feel totally clean.’

Store brushes in a cool, dry place, preferably in their own bag. Avoid warm, damp bathrooms, where bacteria will be in contact.


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