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The rainy season is in full force and we have some reprieve from the daily heat. While everything is cool and green, sadly, this season also comes with some health concerns. Colds, the flu, cholera, dengue fever (Yes, Dengue fever!), food and water infections are more prevalent during the rains. Never one to let a bit of water stop us from living life to the fullest, here are our tips to keep you feeling bright and sunny even though the Mother Nature feels otherwise.

1. Stay Protected

Have you ever wondered why people get more colds when they get soaked by the rain? Researchers found that chilling the body, especially the feet, can cause cold symptoms to appear in someone already prone to the cold virus. A theory is that in a bid to preserve warmth, the body restricts blood flow to our extremities including the nose. This results in a cold nose which cold viruses prefer! Our tip –don’t get caught out in the rain without a way to protect yourself.

2. Step up the ‘Special C’

Vitamin C, either in natural form or as a food supplement helps to speed up recovery from the cold virus. While it is still being debated among doctors whether Vitamin C is a cure for cold, a healthy supply is never a bad thing as it helps support your antibodies and reduce the severity of cold. Try to include red and green peppers, papaya and pineapple into your diet as they are good sources of vitamin C.

3. Take a shower

Seems counterproductive right? Why get wet again after getting wet? However taking a shower (a hot/warm one is even better) after you have been caught in the rain will slowly raise your body temperature whilst also getting rid of the germs and protecting you from many infections.If you don’t feel like having a shower, try soaking your feet in warm water.

4. Go for steamy fluids

In this season, you can do no wrong with hot drinks – it’s already cold out there. Our personal favourite is green tea or hot chocolate. A bowl of hot soup isn’t a bad idea either and even offers an opportunity to practice your chicken pepper soup cooking skills. This can prevent you from catching cold or other infections that occur due to sudden changes in body temperature.

5. Keep it clean and tidy

In the rainy season, people are more likely to stay indoors and close the windows to stay warm. While this may seem nice and cosy, it’s important to note that germs are more likely to spread so hygiene is key. Keep your environment clean and sanitized. Even if you catch a cold, keep your hands clean by washing them regularly or use a hand sanitizer.

6. Love H20

It’s normal to drink less water as you’re not as thirsty in the cool temperature. However, don’t wait to get thirsty before drinking water – you’re already dehydrated by then. Staying hydrated even in reduced temperatures will help you drain toxins from your body because you’ll feel an even greater need to pee regularly.

7. Watch what you eat

Keep nutrition in mind and avoid eating street food during the rainy season as much as you can. Do more home cooked meals and maintain high hygienic standards in the kitchen.The list can go on and on but with these 7 tips, your chances of staying healthy during the daily showers are higher, whether you’re at home, work, or just having a nice time outdoors.

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