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Throwing more color into your outfit can be fun, but wearing only solid colors gets old pretty quick. There are only so many combinations of white, grey, black, navy, and khaki you can wear. Maybe you’ve started to add in some patterns like stripes, plaid, or floral, but don’t know where to go for your next inspiration. This is the perfect time to take the next fashion step: pattern mixing.

Pattern mixing seems like that scary realm that only fashion bloggers, celebrities, and models can enter. We’re here to tell you that it’s easier than you think! Take those stripes, plaid and floral patterns you already have in your closet and start mixing! To give you a better idea of where to start, check out these pattern mixing combinations below;

  1. Stay within the same color palette and tones. The thing that makes pattern mixing work is pairing two patterns together with similar colors. Along with that, match tones when pattern mixing. Pair neutrals with neutrals and bold prints with other bold prints, otherwise your bold will overtake your neutral pattern.
  2. If pattern mixing still seems intimidating, start small with your accessories. Pair your pattern with some animal print shoes, a fun patterned purse, or even a funky belt. Your pattern mixing options are practically limitless when it comes to accessories.
  3. Start small. You don’t have to start with mixing bold, funky patterns! Start with patterns you’re already comfortable with by pairing plaid or floral with stripes. Expand your horizons when you’re comfortable with that or just stick to basic pattern mixing. Wear what makes you feel good and rock those pattern mixing outfits!
  4. Think about scale. Small pattern prints pair well with other prints, especially large, bold prints and colors, but pairing two bold prints together can make your outfit look too busy.

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