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It’s important for us to know the right kind of food to feed on at every single time of the day.

Although these foods are not bad in themselves and contrary to people’s belief, eating late at night doesn’t necessarily make you gain some more weight just because it’s late, but because the calorie content in these meals is actually what leads to the extra kilos. So, you want to avoid taking them at an inappropriate time. Here are certain things you should know about eating the right kind of food at night.

1. Pounded yam

It only makes sense to crown your efforts after a long day’s work with a befitting hefty pounded yam, the king of all meals. Pounded yam, like any other energy-giving food, is best taken in the afternoon when you need all the energy required for your daily running around and activities. Taking this meal late at night isn’t such a good idea because, not only does it makes you feel heavy, it converts all the energy the food is supposed to release into the body to fats and stores them in the adipose tissue for use later, adding some more weight. When you keep adding up this weight, you put yourself at a risk of becoming overweight or obese which isn’t too good for you.

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2. Chocolate and other sugary foods

Chocolate isn’t a filling snack, so if you’re craving it, you may not necessarily be hungry. Rather, your sweet tooth just beckoning on you. Sugary foods have the same effect as the energy-giving foods. So, just because you want to eat light and decide to snack doesn’t mean you should opt for those extremely sugary snacks.

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3. Fries

It isn’t advisable to consume fries at night because of the oil content present in fried foods, because they are high in calories and fat, and they also weigh on your stomach and take a while to digest, leaving you feeling tired and sluggish in the morning and they also cause heartburn.

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4. Pasta

The issue with eating pasta late at night is that it’s such a fatty food that it will almost certainly lead to weight gain while you sleep. The carbohydrates in pasta turn to fat pretty quickly, so if you’re trying to eat healthy at night.

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5. Coffee

This one should come as no surprise, but it’s actually your afternoon coffee drinking that can have more of an effect on your sleep than you would expect. Caffeine can remain in your system for hours, so it’s best to avoid it for several hours before going to bed.

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6. Water

It seems counter-intuitive, but drinking too much water before bed is likely to interrupt your sleeping pattern for bed. That’s because water=urination, and you’re most likely going to want to get up and out of bed in order to do that.

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7. Orange juice

Orange juice is not a good pre-bedtime drink for all the reasons you’d think—it’s extremely acidic, which is never a good idea before bed, regardless of if you suffer from reflux or not. It’s also very sugary, which, as you know, isn’t helpful for those trying to fall asleep more easily.

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8. Alcohol

Even though a glass of red wine can leave you feeling very sleepy, alcohol is actually very disruptive to your sleep cycle. Whilst you might find one glass of wine (or your drink of choice) helps you nod off, alcohol stops you falling into deep sleep.

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