These days we can get whatever we want at the tip of our fingers, and this is due to the rapid and continuous advancement of the development, manufacturing and use of smart phones.

We own these devices for many purposes but most of all to serve us and make our lives better. so here are a few apps every female must have.


These apps track the user’s period cycle, fertility periods, and premenstrual syndrome. Some of them record other health categories like sleep, pain levels, exercise, emotions, energy, water, amongst others. Some of them include Clue, My Calendar, Flo, etc. All available on IOS and Android devices.


Headspace is your personal guide to health and happiness. Taking a few minutes out of your day with Headspace can put you on a healthy level in your emotional and mental life. It is a free meditation app. Available on both IOS and Android devices.


Apps that connect riders with drivers in no time, at relatively affordable prices and in a fancy style. These apps include Uber, Bolt or Taxify, Gokada, amongst others. These apps come in handy whenever there’s a need to get out or get somewhere in little to no time, without the stress of driving or jumping buses.


For some of us, we find it much easier to save when it doesn’t involve our official bank accounts. Unless you have an enviable level of discipline and endurance, you wouldn’t be able to save in an account where the ATM card is with you and any transaction can take place at the blink of an eye. Not even mentioning the charges banks burden us with. This is where these apps come in play. There are apps like Cowrywise, PiggyVest, amongst many others.

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