Productivity Hacks for the Modern Working Woman

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Multitasking is an important skill to have as a female leader. CEOs have a unique stress load that requires maintenance and self-care to function at full power. While running companies, startups, or small businesses, female CEOs are busy creating a work-life balance to keep track of who they are as individuals. By taking advantage of timetable techniques and creative productivity hacks, female CEOs can remain productive all day long. You might be asking ‘What exactly is a productivity hack?’ Normally, a productivity hack is meant to strengthen work ethic, but from a female empowerment approach, it should provide efficiency and positivity in all areas of your life. Being a well-rounded woman in today’s society is about dedicating a healthy amount of time to your success, while still finding quality ‘me’ time.

Productivity Hack #1: Use Quality Time with Your Family Wisely

Make sure to take advantage of opportunities to create memories with your family and friends. Joining a classroom activity, giving back to the community, or chaperoning the school trip are ways to manage your schedule, and make quality time count with those that matter. Make sure to take pictures!

Productivity Hack #2: Don’t Waste Precious Time

When it comes to success and time management, don’t do any tasks that are not justified. Focus on high priority items. If someone else can tend to the task effectively or carry out a responsibility that you don’t absolutely have to do yourself, then delegate! Don’t be afraid to find the best person for the job at hand, and exercise good judgment as a valuable tool in running your own business.

Productivity Hack #3: Know When to Say “No”

You have just as many hours in the day as Arianna Huffington. Or Michelle Obama. But even these powerhouse females know when to say “no.” As CEOs, we need to ensure that all important tasks are completed within a day while keeping in mind the important people in your life and the promises you’ve made to them.

Learning when to say no is key in preventing burnout. Recognizing the early symptoms of fatigue, forgetfulness, and stress that induce anxiety is important when managing your timetable. Say no when your body needs to refuel, your eyes need to disengage from a screen, or to other plans when you have set aside time to be with your family. Indulge in pleasures that keep your mind healthy and strong. You are responsible for your life, and only you can manage it.

Productivity Hack #4: Make Time For Fitness – It’s Superfood For Your Mind!

Fitness is key. Not necessarily for an aesthetic purpose, but for a healthy one. Daily stress reduces your energy, and affects your overall mood and productivity. Regular exercise is beneficial to the mind; it improves quality of sleep and memory, alleviates anxiety, and promotes a daily, optimistic outlook. The ability to think clearly without an overwhelming amount of concern for your schedule has a significant impact on how you manage your time as a CEO.

Productivity Hack #5: Find an Hour in the Day to Do Something For Yourself

Finding time for yourself is crucial. Even one hour a day can make a difference in overall mood, energy levels, and mindset. Alone time allows any CEO to decompress or sort through her thoughts, perhaps while experiencing her favorite self-care treatment. A massage can do the body good, especially after a long workday. The body’s muscles and pressure points are manipulated to counteract built-up tension. A good massage releases endorphins and combats high levels of stress by decreasing the stress chemical cortisol, stimulates hormones, and releases dopamine and serotonin. You’ll be re-energized and have the mindfulness to go about your Trello in a more efficient manner.

Productivity Hack #6: Stay on Task Using the Latest Mobile Apps

Our phone is the first thing we check in the morning, and the last thing we check at night. Technology makes it possible to organize our schedules in one easy, accessible place. Google popular apps that are designed to make your time more effective. Being the ambitious, successful women that we are, we deserve a healthy work-life balance. Each app comes with its own time management strategies and tracks in real-time to keep CEOs on their toes without the paranoia of tipping over. Productivity apps act as a personal assistant that is always accessible and can be programmed to your liking.

There are countless professional benefits that stem from women creating businesses to support other working women. Our priorities lie in achieving a successful and efficient work structure and maintaining an active personal life. That is why it’s essential to cultivate time management skills, allowing the modern working woman to have a family, social circle, and prosperous career.

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