These Tops Will Look Great With Everything In Your Wardrobe

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Everyone has that lazy cotton top they only pair with joggers, jeans or shorts for a relaxed day at home but you’ll have a change of heart after reading this write-up.

When we say lazy cotton top, your mind probably thought of the round neck tee. That is correct but it doesn’t quite cut it as there are a lot more styles that you constantly overlook. Classic V-necks, short sleeved stripe tops, slouchy plain linen tops are just a few of those.

These top styles are so versatile but usually, they are lazily paired with jeans or a plain black skirt but the truth is that they can do a lot more in your wardrobe than just those. Because of how simple they are, their versatility is limitless!

Think more of pairings like layering a slip dress over a V-neck or round neck tee or layering a simple short sleeved stripe top under a blazer and even pairing a plain linen top with a lace skirt with intricate details. The pairing ideas are endless!

You can absolutely tell that each pairing is not ordinary as each creates a unique vibe. Now think of how many more outfits you can put together with this simple idea. You are welcome!

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