Skin Care Tips You Should Never Do Without

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For some women, splurging on skincare products and having a routine is an absolute pleasure. For others, not so much. That’s because taking care of your skin requires some time and commitment and frankly, not everyone can deal.

If you’re completely new to this skincare thing, we get that it can seem a tad complicated. So before you get lost in the complex maze of k-beauty which you’ve probably heard about, we’ve narrowed down the five skin care tips you should never do without. Stick to these things, and you’ll be fine.


Your skin needs moisture to remain elastic and supple, and just drinking water will not cut it. Regardless of your skin type, a daily moisturizer is absolutely necessary. If you have oily skin, not moisturizing can actually cause your skin to produce more oil. If your skin is dry, moisturizing will greatly improve its condition.

Use sunscreen

If you didn’t already know, sunburn is actually a thing. And yes it can happen to black people. The dangers of sunburn extend beyond your complexion just getting darker. It’ll cause your skin to age faster and then guess what? Black will crack. So unless you want that, pile on the sunscreen.


This is absolutely necessary if you want healthy glowing skin. Not exfoliating your skin would make your complexion look dull and it could also cause breakouts. So whether you’re using acid toners or actual scrubs, exfoliating should always be a part of your routine.

Don’t pop pimples

This is majorly for women with oily/acne prone skin. Unless you’re Dr pimple popper, which implies that you’re a pro at pimple popping, don’t touch your acne. It could cause scarring, leading to more breakouts and it’s actually just a bad idea.

Don’t sleep with makeup on

OK, sleeping with makeup on is a sin! Besides the fact that it’s plain nasty (yeah we said it), it could cause breakouts and deteriorate the condition of your skin. Your skin absorbs whatever you leave on it overnight, and makeup is filled with all kinds of stuff your skin has no business feeding on. Once in while is hardly a problem (unless you have acne prone skin), but if it happens often then that’s a recipe for disaster right there.

These few skincare tips should help in keeping your skin glow.

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