Never Wear These To Business Engagements.

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From time in memorial, all individuals have the particular way in which they dress; and has time passes there is the fast growth in civilisation and a diverse range of fashion styles for different people. The question on fashion then broadens and it sure has created a challenge.
However, there are certain outfits which are peculiar to certain events; just like it wouldn’t be out of place for a groom to wear a suit to his wedding. Or would it be weird to see an engineer in his overall on a site. But then it becomes irregular when one decides to wear a complete traditional attire for a sports festival or a work-out session.
Hence, I would briefly state 5 things out of the tons which one should not wear to business meetings or outings.

1. Cocktail dresses.
For females, one is frequently tempted to want to ‘dress to kill’ but I’ll assume we can all agree that if it is not for a dinner- either for work or personal events, we can keep the Cocktails dresses for occasions that warrant them.

2. Sporting outfits.
Unless there is a special sporting activity or your line of work needs such representation, I’d advise that you keep your exercise wears for the gym. Although these outfits are usually very comfortable, it doesn’t portray the required level of professionalism needed in the business sector.

3. Flipflops.
Or like some of us call them slippers. This can be really tricky because there are different categories of flipflops – the ones used for bathing and those one can wear on the way to work. Although the latter type is a bit more professional, it is not for wearing to business meetings or around the office.

4. Beach outfits.
Just like in our introduction and first point, different outfits belong to specific environments and it would be plain abnormal and embarrassing to wear the wrong outfit to an event or meeting.
So be careful when trying to be different from the rest.

5. Ripped or dirty clothes.
For the ripped outfits, only in this case where your line of work is tolerant of such ‘creative expressions’, it shouldn’t be in the pile of clothes for work.
For the dirty clothes, that would just be a very ridiculous situation and I’m sure embarrassment wouldn’t be too far.

Honorary Mentions: Too much jewelry.

To be the part, you have to dress the part…

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