5 Must Have Shoes For All Females

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The overwhelming feeling almost every female gets when it’s time to dress up is picking what shoe goes with what outfit and for what event. And that’s why we have to keep this list short and sweet by focusing on 5 essential footwears every female should own.

Here goes:

1. Flats
The flats or ballerina flats is one footwear that every female should have. They are every girl’s best friend; it can be worn on literally any outfit while still looking professional and comfortable. It can be an escape from the usual heels for the working women and for running errands too. They’re definitely an essential for every woman’s closet.
It’s usually better to have a flat with a neutral color, this makes it a better option for any outfit.

Ballerina Flats

2. Sneakers
These have become so popular in the last few years and are such a great option for a casual shoe. They’re much better than the beat up athletic sneaker and are just as comfortable! There are so many options with various prices ranges, and can be worn on jeans, shorts, leggings, and even casual dresses. They’re great week day and weekend shoes or even super casual date night shoes. They’re an essential for every woman’s closet.

3. Pumps
For a working woman, pumps are the go-to for the classy, professional and comfort lovers.
You cannot be a woman without a pair of classic pumps. They are the most versatile shoe in the entire world and are great for church, work, parties — everything.
You could go for black and nude pairs, which both go with everything, so choose the color you like more. Also, a pointed toe pump is the most classic shape and won’t be going out of style anytime soon.

Classic Black Pumps

4. Sandals
These are comfortable for running errands, for attending really casual events. They are also affordable and stylish.
I recommend these for every female.

Nude Floral Sandals

5. Slippers
Or like some people would call it, Flip Flops. For your weekend shopping, for unofficial and family events.
This footwear can be said to be the most comfortable of them all. Although many individuals would rather wear sandals, it’s never a bad idea of have a pair of lovely slippers.
Without much surprise, they’re the cheapest on this list.


Bonus: A neutral evening heel; for parties, dates and official events.

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