Looking For Stunning Ankara Inspiration? Linda Osifo’s Got Tons!

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The inspiration for Ankara doesn’t stop which is why we are constantly looking for newer options for you to update your wardrobe with. This time, Linda Osifo is our muse!

Just in case you didn’t know, Linda Osifo is an actress and she slays every outfit that she wears (literally). Her Instagram page is proof of that and she has quite a number of cute Ankara styles that you could get inspiration from. Whether you need styles for work or to styles to spend your weekend in, she’s got you.

The first unique feature of Linda’s styles is the fact that they are always unconventional. Could be a simple shirt or a dress, but there’s always a unique twist to them. Also, we noticed that Linda chooses fabrics with really colourful and beautiful prints. And they always go well with her dark skin tone. Think geometric prints, bloomy florals in major colour block fabrics.

So if you are in need of a floor length dress to attend an owambe in during the weekend or a casual top to rock with jeans on a Friday, all your answers are right here! Check out more styles from the actress below.

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