Switch Up Your Work Wear Game With These 5 Suit Options

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Everyone can attest to the fact that power suits are in vogue right now and they seem to be a work wear fave.  

Versions have come out in different silhouettes, colours and designs which is why fashion enthusiasts can’t get enough of them both in and outside the workplace. However, every day can’t be a suit day which is why we have put together five options that you’ll love just as much. A few tweaks here and there will get you the look!

Skirt Suits

If you didn’t know, skirt suits are trendy again and they are more stylish than they have ever been. Replacing your power suit for a skirt suit will give your work wear a new feel. Add this piece to your power suit collection and you’ll not regret it!

Crop Blazer & Pants

To jazz things up with your suits, you can tuck your blazer into your pants depending on how it’s tailored (you don’t want to appear looking bulky). But crop blazers might just be the piece to solve that problem. Although they might seem suitable for events outside the office, the key to making them work is to be strategic with the length so it doesn’t show too much skin.

Peplum Top & Pants

Switching the good ‘ol blazer for a structured peplum top is also a way to alternatively rock your suit. You can either snag a co-ord or pair separates together to achieve your look. We love how functional this option is!

Blazer Dress & Pants

Another chic alternative to suits is to pair your blazer dress with pants. But you need to make sure the blazer option you are going for has a fitted silhouette so the pairing can turn out really nice.

Unconventional Suiting

Apart from piecing separates together to achieve an alternative look, you can also snag an unconventional suit. Unconventional suits are the ones that have details (frills, embellishments, drapes) that normal suits don’t have. That way, you don’t need to bother about pairing the wrong separates.

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