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It is no secret that buying long lasting human hair extensions is not for the faint hearted, and when one thinks about the monetary value of hair extensions, it could easily be related to buying a plot of land (Lol, although that’s a myth that isn’t always the case). But even more so, we might have heard the saying that ‘Buying quality hair extensions is an investment’, this is to show you how expensive hair extensions can be.


So it is funny when ladies buy a hair, do not put any effort into it; such as styling; but expect it to look automatically fabulous at every time without any effort at maintenance. Hmmmm, this is like buying a car and not making any effort to do regular maintenance and somehow expecting that it magically will stay in good shape. One Word: Impossible!!


My question today is this: does it then make sense for one to spend all that money on hair and then not learn how to properly care for your new hair? Anyhoo I haven’t come today to bash you, I have come as your Fairy Hair Goddess to give you some simple steps you can use to regularly maintain your hair extensions.


  1. It is important to wash your hair occasionally with sulphate or paraben free shampoos because they do not strip the natural oils from your hair. However, when you cannot get a shampoo without these ingredients, make sure to use a good brand of shampoo that will do the work without damaging your extensions. Shampoos tend to dry out your hair so it is necessary to was only when the hair is dirty and absolutely needed; otherwise a conditioner wash is fine.
  1. After shampooing, rinse thoroughly and proceed to condition the hair with a good quality conditioner. There are different conditioners for different purposes – such as deep conditioning, reviving hair colour, etc – so choose conditioners based on the need of your hair. A conditioner wash (Co-wash) will also suffice if the hair is not very dirty and needs moisture only. The conditioning process also involves moisturizing with an essential oil like Argan oil to give your hair extra moisture and leave it feeling soft.
  2. Proper hair care includes a daily brushing routine, so ensure to comb/brush your hair or wig at the end of each day and before you sleep to prevent any hair tangles especially at the nape of your neck.
  3. Avoid swimming in chlorinated or salt water, because the hair shaft absorbs the chlorine and it strips the hair of its natural lubricant – Sebum. If this happens frequently, this process can cause the hair cuticles to crack leading to split ends and eventually hair shedding. However if you do swim in chlorinated water, ensure to use a proper swim cap to cover your hair and also a clarifying shampoo to remove chlorine from your hair afterwards.
  4. Also avoid bedtime with a wet head, try to let your hair air dry before going off to sleep. Wrapping your hair up in a silk scarf/bonnet is ideal to keep your hair feeling soft and lock moisture in.


This list might seem a bit too much at once, but with trying out one thing at a time and consistency, you will begin to get used to the routine and maybe even improve on it. If you have any questions, you can reach me on

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