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Getting IT support may seem difficult, because most firms are unable to afford them as full-time staff.

Many companies have complained that it is difficult to ascertain who is qualified and who is not, when you don’t have adequate insight in that field. We have put together a list of things you should consider when you want to outsource, or not outsource your tech support.

  1. There are numerous applications in the market that are self-help, and also professional-grade, they are called Saas (Software as a service), this system has made it easier for companies to handle some of their IT needs without the help of a professional. Professionals usually come in when they get stuck or if something more technical needs to be done. Also some of these software’s come with yearly service plans.
  2. As a small business, you could also run a one-off support service, so the IT specialist comes in and helps you install all that you will need, while you keep upgrading the system yourself, they could also offer trainings for you and your staff, and you can take it from there. On the flip side, if one day your laptop doesn’t turn on, or you get a virus and don’t know what to do, they can probably help.
  3. If you will constantly need assistance with Excel, Photoshop and other software’s, it’s best you have IT staff on a yearly retainer, so you agree with them on how much that will cost.
  4. As the company grows, it is advisable that you have full-time IT staff so as to deal with problems as they arise. At this point you may be dealing with more sophisticated software, so you will need professionals that can manipulate all of them and deal with any crisis that may occur, on time.

On a final note, having in-house tech support depends on the size of your company and the kind of income you pull in. if you can afford it then engage in self-service or have someone you can always reach out to if problems arise. The major disadvantage to outsourcing is that you may be grounded for hours or even a full day before the person will show up.

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