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You are currently viewing 4 SECRETS TO SUCCESS AS A MOMPRENEUR

When you’re a Mom and you also have a job that’s a full-time job. Being a mompreneur is a very rewarding job and it’s totally doable when you master these 4 secrets to success. When you want to start your own business the process isn’t an easy one. It is going to take all your time, energy, dedication and money– and so does being a mom.

While it seems like trying to be both an entrepreneur and mom seems like a prescription for stressed-out days and sleepless nights, but we have moms all over the world are doing it successfully every day. It brings about these questions that we begin to ask ourselves: So how do they do it? How do mompreneurs flourish at balancing mom life and business life? Turns out there are 4 secrets to balancing work with family life.

There are 4 secrets which are: Your Labor Must Start and End in Passion, Listen and Emulate other successful mompreneurs, Know and Live Your Priorities, Do what works for You.



Moms who work labor with in and out of passion of the home, sometimes mums don’t want to or choose to work but circumstances arise and make them get a job or become an entrepreneur. Whereas we have some mums who have a passion for starting their own businesses or are interested in a product or service and want to do something similar or see a missing gap that needs to be filled. In the first case, mums would work with passion because of a deep love for their family and needing to support them, and on the other hand they are passionate about a product or service they created.

Either way, once you get deep into this passion that mums inherently have will help fuel your desire to want to succeed and strengthen your ability to successfully start and run a business. And if you have a passion for what you’re doing, it’ll reduce some of the stress of being a mom and entrepreneur.



Most moms don’t go and blindly start a business. They usually talk to other mompreneurs they know to ask questions and get advice on how to go about the business they have in mind. They would do research and get information (online or by reading books) on success tips and stories from those who have succeeded in starting a business as well as failing in a business.

Always remember that no one is an island and we always need help at one point or the other from someone. It is advisable to always listen to your instincts but then again when it comes to running a business, its advisable you get information from others who have been in your shoes by listening and talking to them, you would be able to bounce ideas off them and you can get more insights and multiple scenarios that you won’t have thought about by yourself. You don’t need to figure it all out yourself. Find a mompreneur you respect and admire and model yourself after her.



Before you want to start a business, make a list of professional and personal priorities.  This would help with allowing you to rank your priorities in order of importance for home and work, instead of having a long list of to-do for each day. When there are constant disruptions it won’t allow you to be productive or effective as a mom or business owner. Once you are able to set your priorities, it would allow your focus to improve, keep your sanity and you would be able to give your best to each role you take on.



No one is the same with another person. The plan of success worked for one mompreneur may not work for you. It is important you find out that works and your family as well, there would be some moments of trial and error, but once you are able to get it right everything would pick up pace quickly.

What would work for you would change as you experience growth in your business and family, but always put in mind that what matters is that your way of doing things should let your kinds know that you love them and also keeps running your business and makes you happy.

Being a mom and also having your own business is having two-time full jobs. Being a mompreneur is a very rewarding title to have and it is totally achievable when you have a plan to be successful in life and in business.

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